Worst Moments From A Good TV Show

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Worst Moments From A Good TV Show

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Not long ago I asked the people of the BuzzFeed community about the characters they would like removed from their TV storylines and favorite shows. Here are 15 of the most enthusiastic responses.

Submission has been edited for length and/or clarity.


“Rachel’s entire Broadway storyline is pleasure. She finally got her dream role on Broadway, but after a few weeks she got bored and stopped appearing in her TV show. It’s the complete opposite of Rachel’s entire character from previous seasons. pleasure It was a frenzied dream full of madness, but for me it was the biggest hurdle in my decision-making.”


“This is new, so I’ll throw in spoilers here first. bear…I hated that Marcus kept eating donuts in that amazing episode. I understand that it is necessary to move the plot. But after the hegemony episode, it felt unrealistic. He said it would never happen again and I trusted him. I love his character so much but I hate that moment.”


trot, Paris episode. Where to start? It’s boring and doesn’t contribute anything to character development or plot progression. I said at the writing table, ‘Guys, we have 12 solid episodes this season, but we know we have to contract 13 episodes. Anyone have any ideas?…Damn!’”


“Luke’s daughter Gilmore women. Worst storyline in the whole show.”


“When Tyra and Landry killed a man and covered it friday night lights. Their actions didn’t make sense for the characters, and the storyline was confusing and unsuitable for the series. Thankfully, it was stopped due to a strike by the writers and was never mentioned again. But if you’ve seen it for the first time now without any information about the strike, you’d be wondering why the story suddenly cuts off and is never mentioned again. It was a rare mistake. FNL.”


“Stevie and David Sheets Creek. They are much better as friends.”


“Honestly, ‘Scott’s Tots’ office. It was so ridiculous and I still want to skip that episode. The content of ‘Tots’ was not mentioned in previous episodes. You can also omit it entirely. Other than that, office It’s an amazing show!”


“I had to give up. riverdale As soon as the show starts playing with the entire Gargoyle King plot. It was already the same kind of series as ‘bad is good’, but its evolution has made the whole story ‘too bad’ and is questioning the realm of the CW writer.


“EDDIE MUNSON shouldn’t have died. He had a lot of potential as a character and weird things. Someone doesn’t have to die every season. To be honest, I feel like I want to kill the character.”


“Push Steve back with Nancy weird things. They don’t have any chemistry and it’s totally against Steve’s character development.”


“Schmidt had an affair with Elizabeth and Cece. new girl. He didn’t fit his personality at all. Yes, he’s been wacky with anxiety, but you can see that he still cares a lot about everyone. It didn’t suit me well for that reason that he did things like cheating. He wouldn’t hurt two of his loved ones that way,” he said.


“The whole ‘Dan is Gossip Girl’. Season 6 was good up to that storyline. It should have been Eric.”


“For me, it was a tie between Masters, Park and Adams. Home. I honestly wasn’t sure what it was about them, but they bothered me. And the two seasons they were in were not as good as the other six. With both Kutner and Thirteen gone, the show went down the tube. And they made a huge deal for Olivia Wilde coming back at the end, but it was just a cameo!”


“Colin has been a total idiot this season. Bridgerton. I’m still looking forward to next season but he’ll have to give it some serious thought if I’m going to support him and Penelope.”


“Kill Tara. burpee…I know it’s a must for Dark Willows, but I’m forever upset that they ruined my lesbian witch romance.”


“Bellamy Blake is being killed by Clark. 100 It was completely out of character and didn’t advance the plot at all. It was a copout. The writers baited everyone for seven seasons, causing Clark to kill her ‘best friend’. There are too many scenes where they act just like the other couples on the show, such as Kane and Abby and Murphy and Emory. Even enemies, including Diyoza, Roan, and ALIE, knew they loved each other more than anyone, including Clarke’s mom. Clarke couldn’t kill Bellamy to save what she thought was the last of humanity in season 4, but she killed Bellamy to save her adopted daughter from her dead anyway. It was an easy way out and poor writing. He also had no one to mourn, and he had no girlfriend or sister of six years. They both said ‘we already lost him because he was brainwashed’.”


“So this is like multiple plot lines, but how many american horror story They use rape as a shock device.”


Sheets Creek. It’s one of my favorite TV shows, but I hate the storyline where Johnny and Moira go to slap a cat on the street and talk to a sleazy family. I skip that scene every time I watch it again. It’s stupid and pointless. But poor cat.”


And finally: “Beth’s death is walking dead made me angry She was such an amazing character. She and Daryl have just started getting closer and Maggie has just found out she’s alive after breaking up in her prison… it’s unfair. It’s also really stupid that they used 4 episodes for her hospital side as a long, long excuse for her (and Dawn) to die. And it was so hard to see Daryl taking her out of her hospital and taking her to her hopeful Maggie.”

What moments did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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