Why Do We Celebrate Christmas

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Below you can read the christmas story form the bible (translation: Celebration allows us to get “back in touch” with our personal, spiritual, and cultural heritage, while we try to build memories for the next generation.

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I do it as a seasonal tradition.


Why do we celebrate christmas. Why do we celebrate christmas? It gives people a chance to enjoy themselves irrespective of their social position or their monthly income. Some experts believe that the real birth date of christ is still unknown even today.

The yuletide season has also become the time for people to give gifts to one another. Christians the world over celebrate christmas in honor of the birth of jesus christ in bethlehem. Most people could probably answer this question by stating “the birth of christ.” but are we truly celebrating the birth of christ?

The bible does not command us to commemorate christ's birth, but rather, his death. Christmas is celebrated once a year and is considered a very special day by many (especially christians). The unifying factor is the historical fact that jesus was born.

Not all christians mark jesus’ birthday on december 25. Sure, the wise men brought him gifts, but they also worshipped him. You can read the full story in luke and also in matthew ‘during elizabeth’s sixth month of pregnancy, god sent the angel gabriel to a virgin girl who lived in nazareth, a town in galilee.

In the midst of it all we can begin to wonder, “why do we celebrate christmas?” origins of celebrating christmas. Everything we do on christmas—giving gifts, decorating, singing carols—is meant to celebrate that jesus came to earth as a baby. Lifestyle — 07 november 2017.

Why do we celebrate christmas? answer: For other people it is a time of loneliness or december stress. Christmas is a time of fun, family and gifts for many.

The unifying factor is the historical. A feast central to the christian liturgical year, it is preceded by the season of advent or the nativity fast and initiates the season of christmastide, which historically in the. Many of the classic christmas traditions we celebrate are essential to this festive feeling.

This substitution, which took place at rome probably between 354 and 360, was adopted throughout the empire, and that is why we still celebrate christmas on the 25th of december.” franz cumont, astrology and religion among the greeks and romans (reprint; There are ongoing debates whether jesus christ was born on the 25th of december (christmas day) or not. What do we celebrate on christmas day and why?

The early christians certainly had many arguments as to when it should be celebrated! Most christians today probably can’t imagine christmas on any other day than december 25, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, for the first three centuries of christianity’s existence.

We celebrate christmas eve because jesus is traditionally thought to have been born at midnight, and we celebrate new year’s eve because midnight is when the year changes. The history of christmas goes back to the beginning of our era. These celebrations are known around the world as christmas.

I do not celebrate christmas for jesus, i am not christian. We celebrate christmas because, as the angel said, the birth of jesus christ is “good news.” good news is meant to be celebrated. We celebrate the birth of christ every year on the 25 th of december.

Celebrations bring a break from the routine and give us “milestones” for noting our progress through the year. We don’t know exactly when jesus was born, since the bible doesn’t say, but many years ago people chose to remember his birthday on december 25. Holy bible easy to read version).

Why do we celebrate christmas. Why do we chop down a tree and bring it in the. Christmas (or feast of the nativity) is an annual festival commemorating the birth of jesus christ, observed primarily on december 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

For members of the christian faith, christmas is the traditional day to celebrate the birth of jesus christ. Why do christians celebrate christmas? Catholics can become quite shocked, scandalised and even go into a belligerent mode when others, like jehovah witnesses, suggest that this.

Why do we celebrate christmas? answer: Although christmas is super commercial now, i like having an excuse at this time of year to spoil my family and friends. Why do i celebrate christmas?

Irrespective of the biases we might have about the celebration of christmas, the fact is that christmas has come to stay among the majority of christian folks around the world. Many catholics and other christians are under the impression that what we celebrate on 25th december is the actual birth date of jesus. While we give gifts to each other, ask yourself what gift you are bringing to him.

In fact, the angel said the news of jesus’ birth would cause “great joy” and would be “for all the people”—the joyful celebration would be universal. Dover publications, inc., 1960), pp. Although it is true that many traditional christmas customs find their origins in pagan practices, these ancient and forgotten associations are far removed from the hearts of christian worshipers today at.

But why do we celebrate christmas? Others do so on january 6. Christians the world over celebrate christmas in honor of the birth of jesus christ in bethlehem.

Festivals are necessary for a lot of reasons. However, why do we actually celebrate christmas? No date is given in the bible, so why do we celebrate it on the 25th december?

Everything about christmas is a celebration of life, family, and friends, and this is a big reason why we love it so much. Various christmas traditions have been associated with the celebration of christmas, and different cultures celebrate different ways. If you stop to think about these festive celebrations, the odder some of them seem.

Various christmas traditions have been associated with the celebration of christmas, and different cultures celebrate different ways. Because god has blessed me with the opportunity to share the light of god to a world in darkness. However in the western world, their belief that jesus was born on the said date is one reason why people celebrate christmas.

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