Why AJ McLean’s Child Changed Her Name

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Why AJ McLean's Child Changed Her Name

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It is also known that AJ has two children, Elliott and Lyric, with wife Rochelle Karidis.

Earlier this year, Rochelle and AJ were Instagram One of their daughters, Elliott, recently changed her name from her real name, Ava.

in an interview with peopleAJ explained why Elliott decided to change her name.

“When my daughter asked me to change her name to Elliott, I didn’t know if she was transgender or not, but that’s not her, it’s a personal choice,” he said.

“And that’s her body, her name, her everything.”

AJ explained that Elliott had decided on a new name while attending school with other kids named Ava.

He recalled what she had said to him. “Dad, I don’t think my name is that unique or original. There are a lot of Evas in dancing and a lot of Evas in school.”

Elliott was inspired by a recent live action remake when choosing her new name. Pete’s Dragon.

“She just finished watching. Pete’s Dragonand she liked the name Elliot, but she has two T’s,” he explained. Now she’s Elliot.”

AJ also told him that Elliott would be “always Ava”, but he also respects her name change decision.

“Whatever the reason is, it’s hers, and I’ll support it a million percent. My wife [too]”He said.

Read the full interview here.

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