TV Series With Worst Final Seasons Reddit

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TV Series With Worst Final Seasons Reddit

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Sabrina’s Creepy Adventure. The ending didn’t suit Sabrina so much that it ruined the show.”


killing eve. I still can’t believe how they messed up what was supposed to be an amazing show. Okay, maybe season 3 wasn’t the best either, but season 4 was really… ruined.”


Brady Bunch There it is. I always watch it with my family and all but last season. One year, my uncle bought a DVD of last season for her sister’s birthday, and we were all very excited to see it. They decided that the main family wasn’t enough and brought a cousin who started living with them as his parents are traveling the world. And the kid wasn’t funny and he wasn’t a good actor. Poor cousin Oliver was doomed to fail from the start.


new girl. Last season was too fake and forced. It was just awkward. Has there been a new director who has changed the way everyone behaves?”


Orange is New Black. It wasn’t like that in other prison buildings.”


supernatural. If all 15 seasons hadn’t happened, Dean would have been hunted to death and Sam would have gotten his family and a white fence. with all of the 15 seasons of supernatural Dean dies while hunting, and Sam gains a family and a white fence. Also, with Season 15, Episode 18*, how it ruined 11 years of growth is not over yet.”


Criminal Mind. I loved the entire series, but slowly, after most of the original cast is gone, it’s not what it used to be.”


supermarketIt wasn’t the end, and when it was canceled, everything was rushed and we didn’t get the storyline we wanted because we had already filmed most of it.”


House MD In the end, I liked the last episode, but most of last season was lacking.”


Sherlock (BBC version). No one is talking about how bad it was compared to season 2.”


“It hurts as much as admitting this…Gilmore women. There were new writers last season and they destroyed last season. Then Amy Sherman-Palladino tried to solve the problem next. 1 year of life…”


“Many other shows have arguably been worse last season, but I want to point out that. Battlestar GalacticaThe final was really disappointing. The religious wave and the lack of rewards for the various mysteries that kept me engaged, hurt the show so badly that I haven’t seen it since it first aired.”


Lucifer. The final episode sealed the fate of the show. I want to believe that all of this was a dream.”


teen titans. It ended up with no character arcs tied at all.”


glaze. It ends with the hero being critically shot by a mysterious bad boy/girl while his fiance calls him on the phone at the wedding. She called because he was late and she was worried. Then the scene is cropped, with the feet of a bad boy/girl coming into view, lying on the ground for a phone call, bleeding. Then black. Whoever thinks it’s a good idea to stop there is an asshole!”


Designated Survivor. That show was so good. Netflix took over for season 3 and it was a completely different experience. It’s terrible and it ruined a lot of characters.”


“end of Dexter It is the most soul-destroying. Too bad.”


Pretty Little Liars.”


And finally: “The Game Of Thrones I got my hands on the whole world. At the time, everyone was talking about the damn show. But their last season was so bad and nobody talked about it. Great tumbling.”

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