Tips for Designing a Home with Security in Mind

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When it comes to designing and creating a new home, it’s easy to overlook the security issues that have occurred and think only about the aesthetics of your property. Security should not be an afterthought but an ongoing effort to keep you and your family as safe as possible. The interior of your home can contain many design elements to keep your the gun is safebut to prevent initial entry, you should consider our five home security ideas.

Appraise The Property

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Consider the cons when designing a home as an architect or builder. It’s best to consider security at the very beginning of the design process rather than bolting it on afterwards.

A property needs to be checked for all possible access points. Don’t ignore higher entry points, such as above a shed or other flat roof, as burglars can climb up to access them. Consider ground floor windows and doors especially, but don’t rule out entry points to higher buildings. Measures that can be taken to reduce risk at each entry point should be identified and assessed.

Window security should be considered. Potential thieves can easily see goods from standard windows, increasing the risk of a break-in. A great alternative is roof windows. They do a lot in terms of adding natural light while also increasing the amount of wall space used in areas like the kitchen.


In terms of visibility, how does your property look from the outside? Think about things like how far your building is from the road and how close the local street lights are. Small things like these can act as visual deterrents for thieves.

How the home is viewed from the road or surrounding area and the location of the building in terms of distance from the road and proximity to street lights have an impact on how criminals may view your home as a potential target.

Building distances from roads and street lights will be beyond the control of the architect or home builder, but knowing this information will help guide your design choices. A large property near a road surrounded by a wall makes it easy for trespassers to climb it. Alternatively, trespassers trying to enter the sun can easily be seen by pedestrians if there is little front garden space in smaller houses.

Skylight and Roof Window Security

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The positioning of your windows isn’t the only thing you need to consider when creating a secure housing design. The quality and features of the windows are also very important.

Fixed windows are good for some people in terms of security. The fact that they cannot be opened makes them difficult to break into, but they are only practical in certain situations. Most homes benefit from opening windows, especially in the summer months. They reduce indoor dampness and also add a cool breeze to your home on warmer days.

Greater Door Security

Many burglars use the front door to enter a house, which is why they are a important part of a safe home design. Creating a secure front and back door can make a big difference in the overall security of a home, so make sure your builder and architect know your needs.

A good example is sliding glass doors. The first attraction is the large amount of natural light they bring into your home, but in terms of security, they don’t do much. If you consider installing a standard door and adding additional windows or skylights to a room, your property will be safer. Avoid glass on front doors, as the glass can easily be broken to gain entry or reach the keys for any vehicle parked outside.

To prevent thieves from seeing where keys are hung or stored near the entranceway, consider stained or textured glass for doors with glass windows. It is also important to have a lock that works. For the highest level of door security, deadbolts offer the best option. Consider the security of cat flaps when installing one in your home, as they are also vulnerable spots. Some modern cat flaps only allow pets with a registered chip to open them.

You can choose a secure electronic door lock in your home design for more peace of mind. To unlock most doors, you’ll need a code or even a fingerprint scan, but these come at an additional cost that not every project has budgeted for.

Attractive Outdoor Lighting

Motion-triggered outdoor lighting is one of the best home deterrents when it comes to burglars. The good thing about these lights is that if they are designed and placed in the right position, they can not only add security value but also be aesthetically pleasing. Consider the best visual aesthetic when designing the exterior, and try your best to incorporate motion sensor lights into as many access points as possible.

Motion sensor lighting is the most effective deterrent, particularly lighting doorways, walkways, or potential entry points before criminals reach the home itself.

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