The Woman King Cast Then Vs. Now

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The Woman King Cast Then Vs. Now

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The epic plot is inspired by a group of female warriors called Agojie and features an all-star cast including Viola Davis, John Boyega and Lashana Lynch. It is not surprising that the film has received many positive reviews and has quickly earned money. 19 million dollars opening weekend.

If you’re wondering where we’ve seen the cast before, we’ve covered some of the most notable past projects. watch:

First off, Viola Davis plays Nanisca.

But you can also remember her as Annalize Keating. how to avoid murder

…or as Aibileen Clark help.

John Boyega plays King Gejo.

And before that, he made his name known as Finn. star Wars franchise.

Lashana Lynch plays Izogie.

But you might know her as Nomi. no time to die

…or Maria Rambo Captain Marvel.

Sheila Atim plays Amenza.

she is also underground railway like Mabel.

The hero Fiennes Tiffin plays Santo Ferreira.

But it is difficult to forget him as Hardin. after series.

she most recently saw underground railway like Cora.

And finally, Jayme Lawson plays Shante.

But she also played young Michelle Obama. first lady.

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