The Moment Kim Kardashian Found Out About Khloé’s Surrogate Revealed

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The Moment Kim Kardashian Found Out About Khloé’s Surrogate Revealed

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Khloé Kardashian had been dating Tristan since 2016 at that point, and their relationship continued to be intertwined. Numerous cheating scandals Over the years, the situation between them seemed better than ever.

In fact, at the beginning of the season, Tristan was filmed talking seriously about her marriage to Khloé, and she admitted that this was their “final goal”, hoping to expand the family.

The former couple welcomed their daughter True in 2018, and Khloé is “always open to the fact that you may need to use a surrogate for your future children.”high risk of miscarriage.”

In April 2020, Star frozen embryos with Tristan’s sperm after doctors told her that it would be more beneficial than freezing Tristan’s eggs themselves. Khloé and Tristan were not together at the time, but later rekindled their romance.

Then, in December 2021, when court documents leaked to the press, it was revealed that Tristan was secretly pregnant with a baby with Maralee Nichols.

According to legal documents, Tristan originally claimed to have only slept with Khloé twice, but admitted that he had “intermittent” sex with Khloé’s personal trainer behind Khloé’s back a few months before his birthday.

Their baby is believed to be pregnant on March 13th when Tristan left a lavish birthday party hosted by Chloe to receive a “birthday surprise” from Marali, Texas.

Maralee also shared Tristan’s alleged message, which he told her “indifference‘ and also offered her $75,000. abortion. Tristan denied that the message was from her at the time.

Despite having to deal with Maralee’s pregnancy and subsequent court proceedings, Tristan did not appear to have any intention of telling Khloé about either and believed his legal declaration would not be made public.

As a result, Khloé and her family learned all this “with the rest of the world”, and Khloé later called “The most aggressive part.”

And her sister Kim Kardashian’s vivid reaction to the scandal was caught on camera the same morning the news went online, after the crew of the family reality show arrived at her home to film another.

In a tense scene, Kim tries to catch Chloe, who is not answering the phone. She was visibly panicked as she read the legal proclamation Tristan sent to Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

During the conversation, she learned that Khloé was longing for a son, and Maralee expressed her grief over her sister giving birth to a son.

“It’s so sad that Chloe wanted a boy and this woman is having a boy,” Kim said.

When she finally caught Khloé, Kim mentioned her sister’s surrogacy plan to her on the phone. “I just want the truth,” she replied.

Then Kim repeated, “I don’t know what this is if it’s not the most obvious situation,” and Khloé could hear an uncomfortably sobbing.

At the time, Kim didn’t know, but it was too late, and Khloé and Tristan’s surrogate mothers are likely already pregnant with their second baby.

The news wasn’t made public until July, a few weeks before his son was born, but it wasn’t part of season two. Kardashian It premiered with a previously unseen scene of the moment Khloé in tears tells Kim that a second baby is probably coming.

It happened during an early conversation about Tristan’s scandal that aired on the show, but this moment was edited out in the season 1 finale after Kim pulled Khloé off the speaker and was not heard by the crew.

new season of Kardashian It premiered on Thursday and was a special episode dedicated to Chloe’s surrogate journey amid Tristan’s scandal.

In the confession, Khloé started with holding back her tears. talk.”

“I’m having another baby,” Chloe continued. “Obviously it’s really private and I don’t want this to be revealed right now because I wanted to protect my mental well-being and surrogacy.”

Then, Khloé recalled the moment he told Kim the news as the archived footage was played. “I think I could tell by watching the final one minute. (Kim) Unless this is a sign that you shouldn’t have another baby with him, I don’t know what it is‘ recalled Chloe.

“But what you didn’t see is I think I said ‘I need something to tell you’ or ‘I’m going to get you off the speaker’,” she explained.

In a previously unbroadcast clip, Khloé can be heard on the other end of the phone saying “I have a bit of a problem,” and Kim said, “Well, I’m literally filming right now. We’re filming the whole thing this morning and and this is not.”

“Well, I have to talk to you.” Khloé replied as her Kim pulled her off her speakers.

“And I told her, ‘We had an embryo transfer a few days ago,’” Khloé said in her confession. In her shock, a video showed Kim putting her hand to her mouth and saying “Oh my god,” she responded. on the replayed news.

Tristan’s paternity scandal was revealed on December 3, 2021, and Khloé wanted to share in this episode of the show exactly how long it’s been since embryo transfer.

“We had an embryo transfer a few days before Thanksgiving,” Khloé explained with Thanksgiving on November 25th. “I found out about Tristan’s situation in the first week of December and I don’t want anyone to think I’ve done this because I’m so close. After the fact.”

“Why would I have a baby with someone who is having a baby with someone else?” Chloe added. “I am not that sociopath. I am a maniac, but not that crazy.”

Khloé has also suggested that Tristan is encouraging her to proceed with surrogacy “by a certain date”, and her sister Kendall Jenner said this is a sign he wants to “trap” her.

Khloé and Tristan’s son was born on July 28, and an intimate scene in the hospital room was also included in this episode of the show.

Tristan was not present at the time of the birth but visited Khloé with the baby in the hospital, sources previously said that they were planning to give birth. joint parent Peacefully even when we are no longer together.

Khloé has yet to name the little boy, but says he wants to choose a name that starts with a “T”.

Meanwhile, with Maralee, Tristan’s son Theo was born in December, but Maralee claimed earlier this year that she hasn’t had a baby yet.

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