The Big Bang Theory Ending Series Drama Behind The Scenes

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The Big Bang Theory Ending Series Drama Behind The Scenes

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to this day, big bang theory It remains one of the biggest TV shows in recent memory. Having won numerous Emmys during its airing and one of the most watched shows, it can be said that the series will remain a classic for a long time to come.

With the show recently celebrating its 15th anniversary, there have been many recollections of the series and the huge milestones it was able to achieve.

From the man who was almost cast on the show (literally, Marisa Tomei almost played Penny), to the failed pilot who had to be reworked, this book explains all the behind-the-scenes details and is a fascinating read.

One of the most interesting parts comes at the end of the book. When the cast and staff elaborated on their decision to end big bang theory After season 12, despite rumors circulating online that the show will likely be picked up in season 13.

According to the new book, Jim Parsons After season 12, he made the personal decision to withdraw from the series to “get out of the show’s security and see what’s next” for him.

Only Simon Helberg, whom Jim described as best friend on the cast at the time, knew that Jim was thinking of stepping down. In fact, Simon was also thinking that season 12 would be his last.

When the cast started working again for season 12, Jim said, “Nothing came up. [new] “I was terrified and anxious,” he said, “when the thought of having to inform producers and writers that this will be his last season,” he said.

“I felt like a liar. [first] Jim recalled in the book: In the book, Jim said he did table readings because he knew that when the next 24 episodes were over, he knew it was over. “So I asked Chuck. [Lorre] and Steve [Molaro] If you can talk.”

Looking back on his meeting with Jim, executive producer Steve Molaro said, “There was no question about going on without him.” big bang theory had to finish Executive Producer Lee Aronsohn added: “No 12 years without Jim Parsons. big bang theory.”

After the initial conversation between Jim and the producer, it was time to let the rest of the cast know. This is where some behind-the-scenes drama began to unfold.

Following a table reading, the cast was invited to attend the meeting, and director Nikki Lorre recalls watching the “happy” cast ride their golf carts to the production office.

At the meeting, producer Chuck Lorre immediately handed over the item to Jim Parsons, who now says this may have been a mistake. Jim told the cast that he was leaving the show, and Chuck said, “There was no way forward without Sheldon.”

for someone big bang theory What happened after the cast, meeting was a lot of tears and heartbreak to suddenly realize that we were filming the final season.

“The shock of God, what’s next? “I was scared.” said Kaley Cuoco. “I mean, we cried for hours that day. We thought we’d have one more year, so suddenly your life flashed right before your eyes … I couldn’t breathe. It’s death It was a transition, but it was also a new horizon for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Johnny Galecki said, “I was shocked. We were blind that day. And I’m not necessarily shocked by Jim’s decision, but I’m surprised he didn’t talk to his cast first to prepare us. So Yes it could be. It’s handled better. We’re a family. Talk to me.”

“There was a part that almost happened,” said Johnny, “and I won’t sit here and watch the people I love get hurt.” “But I stopped doing that and hugged him. [Jim] Instead of. Still, it literally pierced my heart because seeing Kaley fall and everyone’s tears ripped me to pieces.”

Like Johnny and Kaley, Melissa Rauch, Kunal Nayyar, and Mayim Bialik all knew it was the “right decision” but had similar feelings of crushing after the show. All three said that looking back, it was easier to make a decision for themselves.

The next morning after the virtually canceled meeting big bang theorySteve Molaro recalled that the tension between Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons was a bit high.

“I got a text from Kaley that morning that she was still upset and didn’t know if she could go to work,” Steve explains. “I was mad at Jim… The first run-through bag was frozen like ice and none of them talked between scenes, but everyone was a pro.”

After the first run-through, the cast took three days off and returned to normal when they returned. Steve Molaro said, “I saw Kaley and Jim talking and laughing between scenes pretty quickly until the next run-through.”

“I remember what Kaley later said. [the cast members] Writer and co-producer Steve Holland said, “I loved the show so much and I didn’t want them to end up ugly because they were such a special and big part of their lives.” Last season, I set aside anger and frustration and differences and tried to enjoy every moment.”

For more information on the last season of big bang theoryAnd you can buy a new book by Jessica Radloff, including other behind-the-scenes moments from the show’s 12-season run. The Big Bang Theory: The Final Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series here.

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