Stranger Things Bloopers Seasons One Through Four

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Stranger Things Bloopers Seasons One Through Four

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Now we are in the middle of a long winter of discontent. in this case weird things — An ideal time to revisit some of the cast’s on-site antics, as revealed in a series of blooper reels. Here, the cast members danced 15 times, broke props, repeated the word ‘booby’, laughed at each other, and worried about the safety of the staff during filming.


Millie Bobby Brown was so charismatic that the presence of the camera abandoned her.


When one of the Department of Energy vans went off course during a stunt and crashed into this poor innocent car.


When Caleb McLaughlin opened the door with a bit of enthusiasm, as a result, he was briefly caught between the scene and reality.


When Gaten Matarazzo grabs the camera and slams the prop phone hard enough to fall off the wall before timidly greets him.


When Noah Schnapp, who plays the wizard Will, makes a surprising prophecy.


Finn sympathized with his struggles when Caleb McLaughlin went bankrupt while Finn Wolfhard tried to deliver complex lines.


When David Harbor found something undeniably funny about taking the word “grandmother” very seriously.

And his scene partners Finn Wolfhard and Mille Bobby Brown started laughing too.


When Joe Keery said this and seduced the Netflix gods…

…which naturally led to a montage of saying “booby”. Not 100 times, but enough time to impress.


When Gaten Matarazzo slipped off the set and reassured witnesses, it’s all just part of the course of his life.


And he continued to giggle in one scene, passing this creative recommendation directly to the camera.


When Joseph Quinn tripped on a Vecna ​​vine and gave a sobering assessment of their dire situation.


We are now taking a break from previously scheduled programming to provide images of the rare smiling Vecna.


When the entire camp plot line overtook David Harbor.


When Charlie Heaton kept breaking during Eduardo Franco’s line delivery.


And finally, one more smiling Vecna ​​for the road.

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