Sofia Carson Defends Netflix Movie Purple Hearts

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Sofia Carson Defends Netflix Movie Purple Hearts

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Sophia Carson defending her new movie purple heart despite opposition.

She stars as singer-songwriter Cassie, who marries Marine Luke Luke for medical benefits after being diagnosed with diabetes.

The movie came out on Netflix two weeks ago and I’ve been getting it since. A lot of of backlash.

Wait, there’s a Netflix “rom com” about a type 1 diabetic who can’t afford insulin, marrying a man in the military to get health insurance benefits 😭😭 sweetheart horror movie omg

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People complained that the film was racist and merely military propaganda promoting anti-Arab sentiment.

@FilmUpdates @SofiaCarson @nickgalitzine Purple Hearts are our military propaganda using aggression. 1.2 million Iraqis died of locom he was sitting on her & cheering with her ‘Auntie Arab Hunt’, not to mention defending her racist friend & quit when she called him 🤌🏻

Netflix / Via Twitter: @Hibou2799

I don’t understand the hype in the movie “Purple Heart”. Obviously there is direct military propaganda + outright racism. Latina changing her beliefs with a white military racist man. Lover’s Enemy only works in books.

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Sophia said“The reason I fell in love with movies is that it’s a love story, but more than that. One red, one blue, two hearts with two worlds apart, they were brought up to really hate each other.”

“Through the power of love, they learn to lead with empathy and compassion, love each other and turn into this beautiful purple.”

purple heart Director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum understands the backlash, but pushed back He continued, “I hope you understand that in order for a character to grow, there must be flaws in the beginning.”

“Both were ignored by the system. He was wounded in a war that seemed like it would never end, and she’s coming through the rift in the health care system.”

“So, both of them neglect the system and live under one roof, so they learn to be more docile in these extreme situations and learn to listen to and love each other.”

However, despite the film’s criticism, the film has been watched over 100 million hours and is currently one of the most watched movies on Netflix.

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