Sheree Zampino On Will Smith’s Oscars Incident

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Sheree Zampino On Will Smith's Oscars Incident

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This time Will’s ex-wife Sheree Zampino talks about the incident.

entrepreneur and performer Real Housewives in Beverly HillsSheree is married. Richard Wang He has worked as an actor for three years and shares with him one child and son Trey.

Despite the split, Sheree remained close to Will and the rest of the Smith family, and also appeared on Jada’s show. red table talk.

recently she opened He talked about how “gracious” he was and shared the hope that people would “forgive him” for what happened at the Oscars.

“I want people to accept him as a human,” she said. said in the interview. “I really hope for that because I support him. We are in good shape.”

“There is no healing without forgiveness,” Sheree said.

Going on, she emphasized Will’s “dignified” personality and the way he “gives us laughs over the years” through his work. “I want to be with him. He has been 16 since The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He is generous, he puts love in everything he does, he is so gracious and kind, and he connects his fans with his heart.”

“He’s given us some laughs over the years,” she said, “and I hope people give him a chance to be human.”

Will apologized several times for what had happened in the months that followed. In a recent video, he contacted Chris personally, but she said she was told that Chris wasn’t ready to speak.

I know it’s a tiring topic. So, in other news, Will made his first Instagram post in months, not about the Oscars case. You can see it here. But you can read everything Sheree said if it’s okay with you. here.

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