Serena Williams And Daughter Olympia Adorable Moments

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Serena Williams And Daughter Olympia Adorable Moments

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Of course, it’s amazing to see Serena on the court and see how the tennis world celebrates the incredible legacy of legend, but it’s also amazing to see one fan in particular: her daughter Olympia, who is almost five years old.

When Serena played her first game of the tournament on Monday night, Olympia sat by the court with her father Alexis and an adorable camera, with a white bead in her head, and recording all night long. as a tribute to her mother.

If cuteness isn’t enough, here are 27 simpler, more adorable moments between Serena and Olympia over the years.


When they showed off one of their signature photo poses:


When Serena and Olympia made the cake together, Olympia got a little heavy in the milk.


when selena share Practicing with her training partner Olympia:


When Serena first signed up for tennis lessons at Olympia but didn’t tell the instructor who she was:

Serena Williams getting ready for her daughter’s first tennis class is the best scene to watch all week.

Serena Williams/Instagram


When they practiced piano together:


When Olympia performs a dance move and Serena gets the spotlight:


When Serena proudly watched Olympia practice:


When Serena shared how she and Olympia warm up before playing tennis:


When they rocked these adorable matching pajamas together:


And when they gave us twin turns:


When Doctor Olympia June Serena “COVID Test”:


When they played video games together at the table:


When they lovingly indulged in tea time together:


Serena’s husband and Olympia’s dad, Alexis Ohanian, shared these adorable “happy feet” moments at the 2020 US Open.

Twitter: @alexisohanian


When Serena launched her Olympia-inspired jewelry line and shared a photo of her mom and me wearing the necklace:


when they sang a fun song paw patrol Together with the theme song:


When Serena and Olympia hang out with good friend Meghan Markle:


when they do their morning routine together:


When Serena wrote about the glory of braiding Olympia’s hair:


When Serena couldn’t pick just one cute family photo to share:


When they had this matching Disney princess moment, for the first time Sleeping Beauty…


…and as Princess Anna Frozen:


When they were twins on the beach:


When Serena shared this sleepy, cozy moment:


And finally, when we shared this very sweet and powerful moment together:

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