Ryan Reynolds Gets A Colonoscopy On Camera

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Ryan Reynolds Gets A Colonoscopy On Camera

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Ryan Reynolds is broadcasting something very personal in the hopes of helping save lives.

The actor recently decided to document his first colonoscopy to highlight the importance of a preventive cancer screening procedure.

And it’s pretty intimate to record everything, given that you’ll insert a camera into your rectum to look for changes or abnormalities in your colon.

But considering that colon cancer is one of the leading cancer killers in the United States, this is very important.

“It’s literally a simple step that could literally save your life,” Ryan said in the video.

According to American Cancer SocietyIt is recommended that people with an average colorectal cancer risk begin regular screenings at age 45.

Ryan and his football club owner Rob McElhenney formed the team because they both turned 45. lead from behindColon cancer is a new initiative to spread the message of a ‘preventable cancer’.

“I got a lot on camera,” Ryan said. “But this was the first time the camera slammed my ass.” said. “The procedure and preparation were painless, but the inconvenience of sharing the filming process and process was the most difficult.”

In the video, Ryan shared moments before surgery and time in the recovery room, where doctors said he had actually found “very subtle polyps.”

“This could potentially save your life. I’m not joking, it’s not overly dramatic,” the doctor said. “That’s why you’re doing this. You’ve had no symptoms.”

“You are interrupting the natural history of the disease, a kind of process that can eventually lead to cancer and cause all kinds of problems,” he said.

After making such an important discovery, Ryan is even more committed to the cause, hoping that by sharing the footage, colonoscopy can be “less mysterious and stigmatized.”

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