Ray J Leaks Kim Kardashian Messages In Sex Tape Rant

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Ray J Leaks Kim Kardashian Messages In Sex Tape Rant

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This test was administered by polygraph expert John Grogan, who determined that Kris was telling the truth in this part.

But now, ray jay Chris claims to be the “protagonist” behind the tape, calling out managers and John in a harsh series of posts. “we You did it.” Ray J said for 20 minutes. video on Instagram.

Ray J even claimed to have several other sex tapes, Kris chose the released tapes because they were “better” and gave Kim a “better look than the second one.”

“You see it and you make a decision,” said Ray J. “Then go to some show and test the lie detector for fraud.” The singer claimed that John was unlicensed and he used “someone else’s”.

Ray J posted a negative article and video about John on a separate Instagram, saying, “John Grogan is a fake. He is not a polygraph inspector. He is precisely known as a polygraph parasite.”

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but you slept with the wrong person,” said Ray J. “You slept with the wrong black man.”

“I was just trying to get what I deserve from doing this legally and beating you in court and as you know all of you are dirty and slander me and try to look bad on me. What?”

The main takeaway for Ray J is that he is made a villain by the sex tape storyline. He said his romantic partner didn’t trust him because of his reputation after a sex tape with Kim was leaked. He also said he had to defend himself to the board of his company, Raycon, after a recent episode. Kardashian This is where we discussed the tape.

He also pointed out that the Kardashians never sued him. Only Steven Hirsch, CEO of porn production company Vivid Entertainment.

Then — yes, there are more — Ray J shared an old text between him and Kanye. Here, the two discussed the tape and the “contract” between him and the Kardashians after the tape was released. Ray J claims that Kim and Kris signed their names and that Kanye tried to retrieve the remaining sex tape with this erroneous contract.

Ray J told Kanye via text that Kris “broken” the deal.

Then Kanye started sending Ray random and confusing models and fashion photos.

Then, in April 2021, when the sex tape was a hot topic in the new Hulu series, Ray J released a DM with Kim. In a separate 48-minute video, a message was released announcing that it was Kim’s verified account. Where Kim was called. Ray J said in a multi-capital message, “We know what we’ve done.

Kim responded by explaining the situation and how the next episode depicts the now infamous moment of returning the computer with a tape where Kanye is allegedly left behind.

After that, Ray J sent several messages and Kim said she’d spoken to her team and would issue a statement clarifying that Ray J has no plans to release additional footage in 20 years.

Kim said he doesn’t want drama with Ray J and wants to get off the tape. Ray J told viewers that he was still the villain on the show.

It seems that the two actually broke up on good terms. This is the last DM I saw in the video. It was Kris’ latest lie detector section that got Ray J to share all these messages and information.

SO…TL;DR Kris Jenner appeared on James Corden’s show, claiming that she had nothing to do with disclosing sex tapes that were considered “true” by polygraph experts who Ray J said were fake. Ray J said that Kris actually orchestrated everything. Ray J said he had no plans to release the tapes and he’s tired of being a villain on shows and media, so he DMs and messages with him and Kim and Kanye.

That’s mostly it. But there is a lot to these videos. You can see the full video hereand the second video here.

That was a total talk about Ray J Leaks Kim Kardashian Messages In Sex Tape Rant that you could read in depth as well as in total. Ideally this post will help loyal DailyBuzzer.net followers to be able to far better recognize and know entirely.

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