Professor’s Shocking Threat: Machete Held to Reporter’s Neck after Destroying Student’s Pro-Life Display

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Prof Machete

In a shocking display of aggression and disregard for human life, a New York City professor has taken her disturbing behavior to a new level. After destroying a student group’s pro-life display and subjecting them to an expletive-filled tirade, Shellyne Rodriguez has now allegedly threatened a reporter by holding a machete to his neck. This terrifying incident unfolded when the reporter approached Rodriguez for an interview, and the professor’s unstable nature quickly came to the fore.

Threatening Encounter: Reporter Targeted with a Machete

As the reporter, Reuven Fenton, knocked on the door of Rodriguez’s Bronx apartment, he never could have anticipated the chilling response awaiting him. Without warning, the professor emerged, wielding a machete, and launched into a volatile verbal attack. “Get the f— away from my door, or I’m going to chop you up with this machete,” she bellowed, leaving Fenton understandably shaken.

Escalation Outside the Apartment: Fear Persists

Even after the initial encounter, the terror did not subside. Rodriguez, still armed with the menacing weapon, pursued the reporters outside, spewing threats and expletives. Her irrational behavior persisted, even as Fenton and the accompanying photographer sought to retreat from the scene. “If I see you on this block one more f—ing time,” she yelled, her voice dripping with malice. It was evident that Rodriguez’s rage knew no bounds, and she was determined to assert her dominance through fear and intimidation.

A Harrowing Pursuit: Violence Unleashed

In a disturbing turn of events, Rodriguez gave chase, undeterred by the consequences of her actions. Her target, Fenton, was subjected to a physical assault, as the enraged professor kicked his shins while he attempted to reach his vehicle. The combination of verbal threats, the brandishing of a weapon, and the subsequent physical attack left Fenton and the photographer in a state of shock and disbelief. The scene unfolded in broad daylight, a grim reminder of the darkness that can lurk beneath the veneer of civility.

Immediate Action: Professor Relieved of Duties

The reprehensible conduct displayed by Shellyne Rodriguez has not gone unnoticed. Hunter College, where she held the position of adjunct assistant professor of art, swiftly condemned her actions. The college took immediate action, relieving Rodriguez of her duties, and ensuring she will not return to teach at the institution. Such behavior has no place within the academic community, and the school has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all.

Uncovering the Truth: Investigating Rodriguez’s Troubling Behavior

This alarming incident is not an isolated occurrence for Rodriguez. Recently, a video went viral, exposing her volatile behavior towards a group of pro-life students at Hunter College. In the footage, she can be seen hurling expletives at the students, accusing them of spreading “propaganda” and causing distress among their peers. The reprehensible conduct witnessed in that video prompted the college to launch an investigation into Rodriguez’s actions, acknowledging the need to maintain decorum and respect while fostering an open marketplace of ideas.

Conclusion: A Stark Reminder of the Importance of Emotional Stability

The events surrounding Shellyne Rodriguez’s actions serve as a stark reminder of the potential consequences when individuals lack emotional stability and resort to intimidation and violence. It is imperative that institutions of higher learning maintain a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior, safeguarding the well-being of their students and faculty. Let this incident stand as a call to action, urging society to value empathy, respect, and constructive dialogue above all else. Only then can we foster an environment that promotes intellectual growth and mutual understanding.

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