Playboy’s Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt Detail Sex With Hugh Hefner On New Podcast

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Playboy's Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt Detail Sex With Hugh Hefner On New Podcast

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Earlier this month, ex-Playboy rabbits Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt Announcement We released a joint podcast titled girls next level.

They seem to be playing the name of their 2005 E! reality series, that much the girls next doorMadison and Marquardt’s new podcast was advertised to be all-out.dust behind the scenes‘ at the time spent at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion.

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Madison, now 42, moved into his mansion in 2001 when Hefner was 21 and Hefner was 75. Marquardt, now 48, moved in the following year at the age of 28.

Like many other Playmates, Madison and Marquardt spent several years branded as Hefner’s girlfriends before leaving the mansion in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

In recent years, Hefner’s sexual encounters with young women at his mansion has been heavily criticized for his popular A&E documentary series. Playboy’s Secret, which was released in January of this year, took a closer look at the controversy. Madison and Marquardt, like other former Playmates, are increasingly vocal about their experiences with Hefner, who died in 2017 at the age of 91.

Just last week, in fact, the pair appeared on Heather McDonald’s. Juicy Scoop The podcast briefly recalls past sexual encounters with the Playboy mogul.

And now, in the first two episodes of their own podcast, released on Monday, Madison and Marquardt go into more detail about what’s going on inside the infamous mansion. Sex with Hefner.

As she details her first night out with Hefner and his entourage, Madison (and later Marquardt) recalls one of the other Playmates she calls recruiters.

“We went to the club and I remember drinking too much vodka cranberries all night because we were so nervous,” Madison says. sedative – hypnotic Inducing drowsiness and sleep — Hefner.

“I remember one time I sat next to Hef. He leaned over to me and he offered me a quaalude,” she says. She added that after watching her documentary in which she claimed her tycoon, she told him that she thought she was being “tested”. There were no drugs in his mansion.

Madison remembers rejecting Hefner’s offer and saying she didn’t actually do drugs. Regarding this, he said: “Oh, okay, I’m not really, but in the ’70s we called this the ‘open-thigh player’.”

Later, after “drinking all night” because she was so nervous, Madison goes back to the mansion and talks about going up to Hefner’s bedroom. “It was like an obsession,” she said of drinking too much that night. “Like compulsive eating or compulsive drinking,” she said. I was so nervous.”

“I got really weak and went upstairs,” she recalled. “Someone had a bath in his bathroom and everyone had to bathe.” “But nobody did… I think there was only one other person than me.”

“I go to bed. [and] Another new girl is already lying there,” she says. “There is a vibrator for everyone. I have never used a vibrator in my life… So, I lay there waiting for others. And I don’t even remember that other people walked in, I just lay there and then suddenly other people are there.”

“The first thing that happens is the recruiter says, ‘Dad… you wanna get a new girl?’ [Hefner] ‘Dad’ in the bedroom.”

Madison goes on to say. “As far as I know, he is above me.” Despite the fact that she was “laying on the edge of the bed”.

“Things are going to be too routine. [that] He will not move,” she explains. “He must have looked like a hump on a log in the middle of the bed. But also, I didn’t wake up. So I guess I should have woken up if he thought I was the first person to have sex with. Because I’ve been living in vain.”

She goes on to say: The next thing I remember is that Hef told her recruiter her ‘Bring her her. [Madison] All you need is a pair of pink pajamas and I’ll be staying in your room tonight.’”

After that, Madison says she felt obligated to move. Okay. Now I have to move. Now that has happened.

“And I’ve seen people ask before, ‘If you don’t like sex or you’re scared, why didn’t you just leave?’” she says. And it’s a big deal for me that I just had sex with this guy, I’m not a one-night stand. [person]I am not that free.”

Madison explains that she expected some sex to happen that night, but she didn’t think “in a million years” Hefner would be the “first person” to sleep that night.

“I thought I would have a chance to see what was going on, and I knew I was comfortable with it. And I never thought I would be the first person he tried to have sex in a million years. Because I was a new person,” she says.

“So people can discuss how I should have been prepared for it, but what people can’t discuss is how I felt about it,” she says. “Every experience was kind of traumatic for me.” She added that she felt “too creepy and too familiar.”

“I felt it. [The Recruiter] She was so kind and welcoming to me, but in reality I was just another piece of her meat to make her look better,” she says.

Continuing to recall her experience, Marquardt said on her first night at the Playboy mansion she was sure no one would do something she didn’t want to do.

Like Madison, Marquardt says he was offered a quaalude by Hefner on the way to a nightclub. “He asked if I wanted a Qualud in the limousine,” she says. “I was like, ‘Oh, no.’ And later recruiters… [and maybe a couple of other girls] Don’t say ‘no’, just accept it. you don’t actually have to [ingest it]But just take it. Otherwise he will not give it to us.’”

Marquardt then says he really enjoyed his time at the club but was incredibly nervous on his way back to the mansion later. So she pre-thought her “escape plan” in her head.

And when the recruiter asked if she would eventually join the group upstairs, Marquardt said: “You could say, ‘Well, if you don’t come tonight, you probably won’t be invited again,’” she remembers her playmate.

Marquardt eventually went upstairs, where she was also ordered to bathe. “It was so weird for me to take my clothes off,” she said.

Afterwards, she was escorted to Hefner’s bedroom with a bunch of other Playmates. “The lights were off, but there were two huge TV screens playing porn,” she detailed, “there were vibrators all over the bed,” repeating Madison.

Marquardt recalls an atmosphere that felt like a “paja party” with music blaring and tons of snacks and more drinks in hand. “I dug it up at first, but… [Hefner’s] Naked, shirt off, he walks around [a joint]…and then things started,” she says.

“A recruiter came up to me and said, ‘Are you going?’” she recalls, “I was just observing and hoping not to get involved… because I definitely wasn’t ready and I didn’t want to.”

Marquardt recalls to Recruiter: In her response to that, she said she was told she would probably not be invited again if she didn’t finish it.

Eventually, after having sex with Hefner, Marquardt said she was really “troubling”. “It was disappointing and embarrassing,” she explained.

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