Olivia Wilde Once Said Bad Movie’s Are “The Director’s Fault”

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Olivia Wilde Once Said Bad Movie's Are "The Director's Fault"

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It’s no exaggeration to say that Olivia Wilde’s latest film has been out and has had a rough few weeks. don’t worry darling It was engulfed in controversy.

Psychological Thriller is Olivia’s second venture after 2019. dumb smart And Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, and Chris Pine.

The two women seemed to clash in an overly sexualized way. don’t worry darling It is on sale and also in Florence”uncomfortable“Olivia and Harry started their relationship while working on a film.

Florence seemed reluctant to promote the film on social media and repeatedly ignored Olivia’s Instagram posts. But amid her tensions, Olivia appreciated her heroine and even claimed that she fired Shia LaBeouf from her film to “protect” Florence and replaced him with Harry.

Shia was initially cast for the role of Florence’s character husband, Jack, but abruptly left the project in August 2020 before filming even started.

Olivia claimed to let him go on set because of her strict “no-prostitute policy”. She said Diversity Shia had “military energy” and her allegiance was to Florence.

“What we really needed for our film was an incredibly supportive energy,” she said, explaining Shia’s departure. “Especially in a movie like this, I knew I would ask Florence to put her in a very vulnerable situation, and her priorities were to make her feel safe and to make her feel supported.”

in an interview with vanity fairOlivia said she was “like a mother wolf” and decided to call Sia directly to fire her when Florence expressed her discomfort working with Sia.

“My responsibility was with her,” she said of Florence. “It was tricky to make phone calls, but in a way I understood,” she said.

But just two weeks ago, Shia rebuked the story by releasing a video of her painting very different from the series of emails and texts she had with Olivia.

After meeting in person to discuss Shia’s concerns about not having enough time to rehearse the film in August 2020, Olivia texted him: I know it’s not fun. It doesn’t feel good to say no to anyone, and I respect your honesty. I am honored that you are willing to go there to tell the story with me. I’m upset because it could be something special. I want to make it clear how much it means to me that you believe in me. That’s a gift I’ll take.”

Shia told Variety two days after it “officially” ended. don’t worry darling, he received a video from Olivia requesting reconsideration. video leaked later online.

In the video, Olivia seems to be angry when she tells Sia that she needs a ‘wake up call’ to ‘Miss Flo’. “I don’t think I’m ready to give up yet,” she said of the camera.

“You know, I think this could be a bit of a warning for Miss Flo. And I’d like to know if you’re willing to try this with me and with us,” she said. “If she’s really dedicated, if she really puts her heart and mind at this point and you can make peace – and I respect your point of view, I respect her – but if you can you What can you do? Think? Is there any hope? Can you tell me?”

Shia also revealed that she had recently personally emailed Olivia because she was “a bit confused about the narrative” that Olivia had “fired” him. When she didn’t respond to his messages, he made them public too.

In an email, Sia claims that Olivia fired her because she was an “attractive clickbait,” saying, “You never fired me, Olivia. And I fully understand the current social environment and the allure of pushing that story because of the social currency it brings.” It is not true.”

Olivia did not respond publicly at the time, but shortly after the video leaked. Confirm Florence’s only press commitment to the film was don’t worry darling Venice Film Festival premiere.

This happened on Monday after an uncomfortable press conference with Olivia and the other cast members. She awkwardly avoided questions about Florence’s absence and Shiite revelations.

Things were even worse on the red carpet, with Florence greeting everyone in the film with the exception of Olivia and Harry, whom she had kept their distance from the whole time.

Already in a mess, Harry also appeared to deliberately avoid Olivia, and the three were separated by the other actors during a group photo shoot or as they sat in the theater.

As if there was apparently not enough tension between Florence and Olivia, Harry’s actions towards the manager sparked speculation that they had broken up. And when it seemed like things could no longer be dramatic, #Spitgate came in.

A video of that moment went viral on social media and everyone was analyzing evidence that this had happened until Chris’s representative. strongly rejected Tuesday claim.

In short, release don’t worry darling There was one big mess from start to finish, but did it at least get good reviews in the end?

Well… The answer is no. In fact, Florence’s performance was well-received, but the film itself currently has a 43% rating on review aggregation sites. Rotten TomatoesAnalyze the ratings of all critics and generate an average.

writing guardianPete Bradshaw said don’t worry darling: “The idea of ​​another movie is cleverly tweaked without understanding how or why it was done in the first place.”

Written by Owen Gleiberman Diversity: “For it to really work, the film has to draw us in slowly, cunning and surprising. Instead, it’s ominous in an overt way.” As Kate Erbland wrote: Indywire: “If this movie is really about women’s pleasure, we wouldn’t want to see Wilde’s interpretation of the film about women’s suffering. That alone hurts enough.”

David Pierce rolling stone Read the review: “don’t worry darling It plays like a bad Op-Ed piece that makes you believe that good intentions are more important and righteous than reality.” And Steph Green wrote to her: BBC Review: “It’s full of half-baked, risk-free ideas that have little impact on shock or agitation.”

Richard Lawson added it vanity fair: “don’t worry darling With a slow glide and jumble of repurposed elements, it’s time to finally find out what’s going on with Alice. then that [the] Just like Wilde’s director, the script starts to falter.”

and now old interview He’s back with Olivia to torment her. The actor who became a director insists in a re-appearance clip that a bad movie is just a reflection of a bad director.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert in 2019 late show, Olivia said with a smile. “If the film is bad, it is the director’s fault. And if someone tries… ”

Why didn’t you get a better performance from that actor?‘ Steven interrupted.

“exactly!” Olivia agreed. “Really. It’s really the director’s fault.”

in the lukewarm evaluation of don’t worry darlingOne person posted this clip on Twitter and wrote: don’t worry baby Everything bad seems like a fantastic time to turn this around.”

Don’t Worry Reviews for darling all is bad

Twitter: @suesateIIites

Someone else tweeted: “If Olivia Wilde’s view of the film is bad, the director’s fault will change that now her film is being panned.” Others asked: “No, but if you want to become a director, why do you say this in front of everyone?”

If Olivia Wilde’s comments on the film are bad, I wonder if the director’s fault has changed and now her films are being panned.

Twitter: @fkacass

Another said, “Why did she dress up like that?” Questions. One more commented. “This film just keeps getting worse.”

Twitter: @escapingjnk

Olivia also sparked a new backlash in a Vanity Fair interview on Thursday by doubling her claims of firing Shia.

And when faced with the message she shared, Olivia spoke to the publication, not commenting on the leaked video. What I will say is that he has been replaced and cannot move forward with him. I wish him well.”

One source also claimed that Olivia “made him believe what he wanted to believe” in order to save her self-esteem. However, it will not be reflected in texts, emails, or videos you provide.

“The way Olivia Wilde kept lying about all of this when there was evidence that she begged Shia to come back. When will the lies stop? Miss Wild, wait a minute. You’ve been caught,” one person tweeted. Others echo: “Olivia Wilde doesn’t lie. We all saw screenshots and videos of ‘shia shia shia’.”

There is evidence that Olivia Wilde begs Sia to come back, and the way she lied about all of this. When will the lies stop? Miss Wild, wait a minute. You are caught.

Twitter: @nohnans

Another tweet: “Olivia still lies about the Shia situation as there are no videos begging her to appear in the film. Lady, stop being shy.”

Olivia still lies about the Shia situation as if there is no video begging her to appear in the film. Baby, stop being shy

Twitter: @copyofsatellite

Florence herself also subtly admitted Olivia’s video that was released with her stylist. caption Behind the scenes of ‘Miss Flo’ at the Venice Film Festival, which Florence loved.

And in her only press interview for the film, it turns out that she mentions her uncomfortable experience. don’t worry darling She said: [on] And off-camera.”

Florence is also 3 minutes away from the cinema. Don’t worry darling Standing ovation on Monday, posting 6 Instagram grid posts about the festival, but only mentioning the movie once — on hashtags.

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