Normal Ain’t Normal First Trailer

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Normal Ain't Normal First Trailer

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Guys, let’s start the chase for this video: our first trailer normal is not normal Here, and it looks incredible! Check it:

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Although this first trailer is only a minute long, you can really feel the tone and style of the project. Buzzfeed Digital distribution!

As the title of the digital series suggests, this story seeks to explore the very obvious fact that in a world that has experienced a global pandemic, “returning to normal” is everything that is not “normal”.

Speaking of anthology, each of the four episodes of the series follows four different and unique characters, each telling a different and unique story.

Featuring D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, Tristan Cunningham, Sal Lopez, Reem Assil and Martin Sensmeier (also Rosario Dawson). The cast will portray a working-class neighborhood in Oakland, California, who continues to navigate an ever-changing daily life as they slowly break away from life in a pandemic.

Overall, the series aims to be grounded and well-versed in providing a glimpse into the real world that many Americans face in their daily lives as the world around them continues to change.

So make sure to check it out normal is not normal From BuzzFeed Videos Youtube and Facebook When it releases on September 27th!

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