Milly Alcock Fun Facts

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Milly Alcock Fun Facts

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Before taking on the lead role, she said, “I washed the dishes in the restaurant, [her] Mom’s attic.”


Milly from Sydney was born on 11 April 2000 and is 22 years old.


She dropped out of high school to pursue her acting dream. Proverb “I couldn’t refuse,” she said during the 2019 TV series. upright for a sheet of paper. It seemed ridiculous and upsetting to me.”


Milly got her first iteration role as Isabella Barrett in the 2017 miniseries. high life.


and after that she goes on school, Glowing, CalculationAnd more.


her interest in acting It started because everyone else in her family wasn’t interested in it.


she at first audition for dragon’s house November 2020.


In 2018 she glory He emerged as a rising star of the Australian Casting Guild.


Milly is active on social media and has over 240,000 followers on Instagram.


She is an avid photographer and often posts candid snapshots to her feed.


We all know her by Milly but she real name This is Amelia May Alcock.


Two people who inspired Milly’s portrayal of Rhaenyra? Cate Blanchett and Audrey Hepburn.


And finally she explained about her. dragon’s house Characters like “such a gift”.

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