Mila Kunis Being Booed On Jimmy Kimmel

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Mila Kunis Being Booed On Jimmy Kimmel

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Filming in Brooklyn, the show had a particularly rowdy audience.

“You look like you could be a New Yorker, but you’re not,” said Jimmy, after telling a funny story about a wardrobe accident where he forgot himself and had to wear custom-made children’s leggings to make underwear. Suddenly, someone started BOO her:

Mila did a great job with this as a joke.

Mila described how she was born in Ukraine. Then when she came to America, she said how she first had a burger and Coca-Cola when she went to Queens, New York.

Jimmy asked her, “Did you have pizza for the first time in New York?” Mila told the audience:

Then the audience booed her again.

“No, I didn’t eat pizza in New York, but my dad delivered pizza when I was growing up, but he delivered pizza in LA. LA has the perfect pizza. Everyone!” Then the crowd started booing again.

When Mila told the audience, “I’m wearing children’s underwear for the lady,” the audience burst into laughter.

“There is more to this story. Other “Hey,” said Mila, “It was Domino’s Pizza.”

Then the actor revealed that she actually hates pizza.

But in the end, Mila persuaded them with a joke and took a sip of tequila with Guillermo.

People loved the way Mila overwhelms a tough New York audience.

IDK, but I love Mila. You can see the whole segment here.

That was a total discussion about Mila Kunis Being Booed On Jimmy Kimmel that you can go through in depth and in whole. With any luck , this post might help faithful visitors to be able to far better fully grasp and know entirely.

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