Lizzo Played James Madison’s Flute

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Lizzo Played James Madison's Flute

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If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably seen a lot of chatter about a recent concert where Lizzo played a 200-year-old flute as a gift from his founding father, James Madison. The star posted a clip of the moment with the flute on stage as shown below.

No one has ever heard of this famous crystal flute. President Lee the only person to play 200-year-old crystal flute — thank you @librarycongress ❤️


The flute was given to the former president. 1813 As a second inauguration gift. Oddly enough, Madison himself never played it. After his permission, the flute was sent to the archives of the Library of Congress and this time it was still there. That said, until this week Lizzo has been invited to “watch and play a few songs.”

@librarycongress has the largest collection of flutes in the world with over 1,800 pieces. This includes James Madison’s 1813 crystal flute. @lizzo I hope to see you next week when you’re in DC and play couple games. Like your song they say “Good as hell.”

Carla Hayden

Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden, the first black woman to lead the US National Library, said: Buzzfeed News She said she was “inspired” about Lizzo playing the flute and could help her play the flute.

As you may not know, Lizzo is actually a classically trained flutist. So it’s no wonder Lizzo is invited to play the flute.

Before the concert, Lizzo practiced a few pieces in the library, which has the largest collection of flutes in the world. A video of her practice session was posted on Twitter as follows:

The flute @lizzo played in the main reading room on Monday (with permission from some lucky researcher there!) looks similar to the crystal she had at her concert, but is actually plexiglass. Also very rare & manufactured when the material was first invented.🔊

Library of Congress

As you might guess, some people on Twitter (mostly conservatives) weren’t very happy with the centuries-old flute playing.

This risso flute debate is a perfect example of what I call the Face Tattoo Phenomenon™. This is the phenomenon in which someone deliberately does something controversial to get attention and then offends you when you notice.

Twitter: @benshapiro

A person who identified himself as “President Trump’s favorite writer” said Rizzo was “not talented enough.”

Lizzo isn’t talented enough to play music on a $20 Yamaha plastic recorder on Amazon, let alone the crystal flute once owned by James Madison. The Biden administration is mocking the country.

Twitter: @nickadamsinusa

Another went so far as to say that his flute performance was “degraded.”[d] our history.”

The Library of Congress pulled out James Madison’s 200-year-old flute for Lizzo to tweak. They undermine our history and call you racist if you really value it.

Twitter: @greg_price11

However, many pointed out the racist nuances of the criticism.

Lizzo is an interesting person to be morally respected by right-wing content creators because she’s so clean. She makes addictive songs about positivity and plays the flute. There is no plausible denial of her that they hate her for anything other than her black and obese.

Twitter: @hoot_little

People open up about how flawed right-wing Twitter was in embracing the issue.

If Taylor Swift has no problems playing Ben Franklin’s piano, then Lizzo shouldn’t have any problems playing James Madison’s flute. If there is a problem, stop and think about why.

Twitter: @GeorgeTakei

And one person pointed out another salient point. Did you all know that this flute existed before Lizzo played???

Gorgeous superstar singer Lizzo lives without rent amidst the hollow minds of racists who skillfully play things they didn’t even know existed until they played the 200-year-old crystal flute. Living day by day with such hatred would be tiring.

Twitter: @therickydavila

Someone else reversed the comments by saying that they thought Lizzo should be cast for the role of a mermaid in his movie. Talk to me, Hollywood!

Personally, I think Lizzo should be in a movie that lures sailors to the fate of the water as a beautiful flute-playing mermaid.

Twitter: @ambernoelle

And finally, another emphasized the fact that Lizzo playing this flute was a moment in history. Because James Madison was the proponent of this flute. three-fifths compromise.

James Madison was the author of the 3/5 Compromise. @lizzo was lucky that he broke that flute into five pieces and didn’t throw it on stage. Keep getting angry.

Twitter: @tamisawyer

Yes. Rizzo was that.

what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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