Lea Michele Talks Funny Girl, Glee Allegations

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Lea Michele Talks Funny Girl, Glee Allegations

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Lea Michele discussed the allegations surrounding her behavior. pleasure And Theory That She Can’t Read, Before Debuting As Fanny Bryce On Broadway funny girl.

2020, season 6 after Lea tweeted in support of the George Floyd protests pleasure In a now deleted tweet, star Samantha Ware said, “I believe I told everyone, ‘If I had a chance, I’d shit on my wig!’ Between pleasure The cast talked about Leah’s behavior on set.

reas funny girl The casting has since met with some backlash, and Samantha tweeted, “Yes, Broadway supports whiteness. Yes, so does Hollywood. Yes, silence is complicity.”

speak to New York Times Regarding the lead Broadway role, Lea said, “I feel more prepared than ever, personally and professionally.”

These allegations seem to have sparked a “hour of intense reflection” for Lea. “Now I really understand the importance and value of being a leader.”

“It means the camera is doing a good job not only when it rolls, but also when it’s not. And that hasn’t always been the most important thing to me.”

When asked about Samantha’s account, Lea told the media that “I don’t feel the need to get things done.” She added that her own work style was rather intense. “I have an advantage,” she said. I work really hard. It leaves no room for mistakes,” she said. “That level of perfectionism, or the pressure of perfectionism, left me with a lot of blind spots.”

supervision of funny girl, Michael Mayer revealed that Leah was originally Fanny’s best choice when casting the Broadway revival show. Michael even spoke to Lea about casting Beanie.

after spring awakening At a reunion concert in late 2021, Lea told Michael it was an honor to assume Fanny at the end of Beanie’s tenure. Leah, who took on the role, added, “Everyone here has worked hard, I just have to come and prepare and do well and respect the fact that this is their space.”

Leah also briefly commented on the conspiracy theory that she was illiterate, saying, “I’ve been there. pleasure Daily. I knew my lines every day. And there are rumors online that I can’t read or write? Im sad. Really. If I had been a man, I don’t think this would have happened a lot.”

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