Kylie Jenner Looked “Awkward And Uncomfortable” At Paris Fashion Week

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Kylie Jenner Looked “Awkward And Uncomfortable” At Paris Fashion Week

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You should take a look whatsoever reasons for having Kylie Jenner Looked “Awkward And Uncomfortable” At Paris Fashion Week, below.

During KarJenners’ hit reality show, Catching up with Kardashian, premiered at E! In 2007, the youngest of the clan, Kylie Jenner, was only nine years old.

Although little has been said about this matter, Kylie inevitably got the spotlight as the series started and eventually captured some pretty memorable moments on camera.

In fact, at the beginning of the season KUWTK Kylie first Make up Various awkward clash with her parents.

But as she grew up, Kylie began to appear, perhaps for granted. increasingly uncomfortable With her family’s fame-filled lifestyle and Bora, and Bora, she came to claim that she wasn’t going to be “famous” in a 2016 episode.

“I think I’ve been thinking about it for too long. I feel too much, I worry too much, I read too much,” she told Kim. “Some people are born for this life, some are not. All I know is that I can’t be famous.”

A year later, Kylie spoke frankly once again on the subject in a conversation with then best friend Jordyn Woods on her spinoff series. Kylie’s life. “I don’t want my picture taken and I don’t want people to see the clothes I’m wearing,” she said. “I cover my face whenever there are paparazzi.”

And in recent years, Kylie has continued to prove that she’s still not the biggest fan of Spotlight, and she famously kept the birth of her first daughter, Stormi. secrets around the world — own pregnancy and even giving birth In ~ maintain.

Now 25 years old and a mother of two, Kylie is a successful billionaire and business tycoon. But even as she gained new popularity with her appearance on TikTok, Kylie continued to appear uncomfortable in the spotlight.

Not only does the young star rarely appear on the red carpet alone, she often attends with four-year-old Stormi, but rarely sits down without her mom Kris Jenner for interviews. next to her.

So, when Kylie’s “awkward” clip from Paris Fashion Week went online on Thursday, it didn’t take long for fans to be reminded of her complicated relationship with the spotlight.

at Now viral videoShared by TikTok users @nettartKylie can be seen backstage at the Balmain show, surrounded by a group of people, including a photographer.

After she quickly hugged her friend creative director Olivier Rousteing, fans said Kylie, who seemed only to be accompanied by BFF Stassie Karanikolaou, “looked so shy” and “feeling nervous” as she looked around with her hands in front of her. .

when the clip in question was posted later reddit forumMore people agreed with the discourse.

One wrote, “Kylie looks so shy and introverted when she’s out of the bubble,” while another described the whole as “awkward and uncomfortable.”

But it wasn’t long before fans took into account Kylie’s longstanding discomfort in the spotlight and expressed sympathy for the star.

“She talked about her. unrest. It’s completely clear in this video,” one person wrote.

Another netizen commented, “I mentioned it before I didn’t feel like I was going to be famous. She really had no choice. Was she like nine when the show started?”

“Son, you can quit this girl.” Someone else echoed. “Obviously she doesn’t feel comfortable. And obviously it has a huge impact on her mental health.”

Meanwhile, some fans said it was ‘fresh’ to see such a giant public figure doing ‘awkward and uncomfortable behavior’ like everyone else, suggesting that the clip served as a strong reminder that Kylie was only human after all.

One netizen wrote, “It’s refreshing to see celebrities acting awkward and uncomfortable like me.” “That’s what makes me like her a little bit more of her.” Someone else agreed.

Which had been a whole dialogue about Kylie Jenner Looked “Awkward And Uncomfortable” At Paris Fashion Week you could study in more detail and also in complete. Hopefully this article may help loyal followers in order to far better understand and know 100 %.

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