Kylie Jenner Claps Back At Claim She’s Trying To Seem Relatable

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Kylie Jenner Claps Back At Claim She's Trying To Seem Relatable

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Since the birth of her second child in February, theories have been circulating on social media that billionaire Kylie Jenner is trying to rebrand herself as a mother who can relate to her like any 25-year-old.

The shift in how she expresses herself online is reminiscent of her “Kylie Kylie” days. The period between 2014 and 2017 was a time when the star was truly regarded as one of our most intimate celebrities.

Before she became the savvy business tycoon we know today, the youngest of the KarJenner sisters saw her use her public profile as an online alias to prank her family and do common teenage things like experimenting with hair and makeup.

Despite her ever-increasing fame and fortune, Kylie was professionally able to maintain a normal vibe around her social media posts, but as she became more successful and climbed to the top of Forbes’ rich list, her King Kylie persona started disappearing.

When her daughter Stormi was born in 2018, Kylie took a major step back from the public eye by stepping out of her social media accounts and drastically reducing her appearance on the family’s reality show.

The new focus seemed to be on Kylie as an entrepreneur. Because her various brands have gained strength.

But when her yet-unnamed son was born earlier this year, fans began to see the glimmer of old Kylie as she returned to social media to show off her more open and authentic personality.

In TikTok videos posted in recent months, Kylie shows off her culinary skills, teases her sister Kendall Jenner, and demonstrates the dynamism of an adorable mother and daughter with Stormi on a regular basis.

She switched to a less artificial approach when it comes to linking products, taking glossy photos, and turning aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos into candid videos.

And this was clearly demonstrated when she promoted her new line of lip glosses on TikTok over the weekend. In a short clip, Kylie walked into the car, photographing the product in her hands.

Once in the car, Kylie dropped the phone and said, “Oh shit!” Before continuing the video.

Having everything in place while she fixed her hair, Kylie naturally said to her viewers, “Okay, this is better” as she goes on sale for the four new glossy shades she’s advertising.

But her followers did not buy it. Kylie’s decision to include the moment of dropping her phone in TikTok’s final compilation raised an eyebrow, as did her choice to sit in her car and talk about the product.

People in the comments quickly pointed out that this is a common metaphor for TikTok, as everyday content creators often shoot videos while off work.

In other cases, the creator would only have bought the product being reviewed in the store, so take a video before driving home.

As a result, Kylie is called to emulate other TikTok users who are not sincere and non-billionaires to feel more intimate.

One commented, “Honey, did you leave the mansion to get in the car as if you couldn’t resist going to the store?” Another joked. That’s right 😀”

and TikTok users @PlasticChandler He stopped the discourse when he stitched up Kylie’s video to add his thoughts to the conversation.

Chandler explained that he “has no real reason to speak on this matter,” as he’s not a public relations expert. .”

“This is what Emma Chamberlain will post,” he continued. “I just think it’s funny. You’re a billionaire. Why are you reviewing a lip kit in your car when you buy a million dollar house?”

“You didn’t come to the store to pick it up, you didn’t come home from somewhere and get it in the mailbox. Going to the car for a shoot was very deliberate, and hanging up the phone was kind of poignant,” added Chandler.

Then, the creators of TikTok explained that celebrities are starting to imitate popular ordinary people on the app.

“These people have never had a normal life,” Chandler said. “And it’s not their hatred of them, it’s not their job. But it’s kind of mediocre, finding people who are popular and bringing their personalities, traits, and what they do to make those videos. We have to make it look normal enough to empathize with us,” he said.

“Because they are billionaires,” he concluded. “This is not something Kylie Jenner usually does. I promise she won’t just sit in her car.”

Chandler’s video quickly gained attention, with most viewers agreeing with his position in the comments. One person quoted another user.

Another netizen wrote, “It’s so funny to think that she got into the car just to shoot TikTok and then came out right away.” Another said, “Their ‘authenticity’ has also been selected a lot.”

But when the video hit Kylie’s radar, she decided to applaud, claiming that her post wasn’t “that deep.”

Of Chandler’s TikTok, she said, “It’s not really deep or calculating.” “It took five minutes to make this video. And yes, I still drive and do my daily chores. 🤣.”

Chandler first expressed shock at Kylie’s response when she shared a comedy video about the working day, knowing that Kylie had commented, but later muted her name after being targeted by her fans.

At the same time, he made it clear that he was a real Kylie fan and an avid viewer. Catching up with KardashianBut he was simply referring to a marketing tactic he recognized he was playing.

Meanwhile, it is this time that Kylie has been criticized for carefully managing her acquaintance with the former TikTok, which was branded “damage control” when a post was posted by a former TikTok documenting her trip to the target after she was exposed for the ultra-short flight. This isn’t the first time. on her private plane.

Also, when I went shopping with my daughter and nephews, the store was empty, so it was pointed out that I went after work hours rather than when regular customers came.

She and her mother, Kris Jenner, also sparked a backlash during this year’s premiere season. Kardashian When the whole storyline revolved around the excitement of wanting to go to the supermarket.

Kylie and Kris constantly compared pumping oil and washing cars to “Disneyland,” and disgruntled viewers claimed the scene was proof of just how “out of touch” it was with the real world.

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