KJ Apa Made Samoan Chief

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KJ Apa Made Samoan Chief

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You may know KJ Apa as the actor who plays Archie Andrews. riverdale.

But did you know that the New Zealand-born actor is actually anti-Samoan?

In a broadcast last year, KJ talked about his legacy. Jimmy Kimmel Live! When Jimmy asked the abbreviation of KJ, the actor said, “KJ is short for the Samoan name Kenneti James. I named it after my father.”

He said his father “has the title of Maathai, which is the highest office in the town of Moata’a in Samoa where he and I belong.”

After the actor said his grandfather was also chief, Jimmy asked if KJ would also be chief. KJ was unsure at the time and said he was not fluent in Samoan. “I think it’s a big responsibility,” he said. “Honestly, I don’t feel appropriate, but I doubt myself in almost everything I do.”

Well, the Maathai title Sava was bestowed on him!

Last night, the 25-year-old shared photos and some videos from Moataa’s sao-pai (cultural ritual). In the caption on Instagram, he wrote, “O la’u fautuaga – o le a ou tautua i le tatou aiga ma le tatou nu’u. Fa’afetai i le Atua. My goal is to serve my family and my village ( Moata ‘) Thank God.”

According to Talamua“O le ou tautua” (I will serve) was his testimony to his village and his family when he accepted his ‘abba’.

Chiefs are said to have appreciated the actor’s decision to “take this step in embracing Samoa’s heritage, culture and new responsibilities.”

In words, KJ! Congratulations!

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