Kim Kardashian Exposed For Editing Normal Body Parts Out Of Photos

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Kim Kardashian Exposed For Editing Normal Body Parts Out Of Photos

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Last month, Kim Kardashian drew a backlash by claiming that her beauty standards could be “achievable” by others.

during an interview with Charm In the magazine, the star was asked if she felt “responsible and even guilty of setting unrealistic and unattainable standards of beauty.”

However, Kim denied that this was not true, claiming that “I can achieve it if I do it.” In another part of the work, she added: I am probably caring for more than 90% of the people who live on this planet.”

Kim said, “It’s not easy when you become a mother and you are exhausted from your daily routine or at school. I am all that,” he said. “I usually do my beauty treatments late at night. Everyone is getting laser treatment in bed.”

The billionaire’s remarks upset people at the time, many of whom accused Kim of not recognizing the “prerogative of wealth” to indulge in late-night laser treatments and other cosmetic procedures, home gyms, personal trainers and other cosmetic procedures. . personal chef.

As a result, many people laughed at the thought that Kim’s appearance could be made possible by one person’s appearance. Tweet At the time: “She shows how completely delusional and out of touch with her whenever she tries to appear related to her. Turn it off already.”

But her privileged lifestyle means that Kim can keep herself as cool as possible in real life, but others have also pointed out that she’s often. exposure for photoshop her social media posts.

Even the standard of beauty that Yuna Kim puts out to the world every day, the image she shares with her fans is already there. badly manipulated.

Over the years, Kim and her famous sisters have been caught digitally modifying their looks. I often trimmed my waistline, airbrushed my skin, and accentuated my curves.

In fact, in April 2021, Kim’s sister, Chloe Kardashian, admit About “using my Photoshop tools the same way I do my makeup, my nails, and my heels,” after unedited bikini photos leaked online.

Khloé became so “embarrassed” by the unauthorized photos that he was reportedly taking legal action to remove them from the internet. She felt the pressure of “not feeling perfect enough” and was accused of being a hypocrite when she told her fans “we can’t continue our lives trying to fit into the perfect mold that others have set for us.” She responded to the leak.

One person tweeted about Chloe’s statement: “I sympathize with the pain and anxiety that Kardashian faces, but what’s important is that the Kardashian family has contributed if they haven’t set a standard of beauty in the past 20 years.” Through photoshop, surgery, rich wealth… ”

I sympathize with the pain and anxiety that khloé kardashian faces, but the important thing to note is that the Kardashian family contributed even if they didn’t create a standard of beauty through photoshop, surgery, and rich wealth over the past 20 years. https://

Twitter: @girlpowertbh

And the manipulation isn’t limited to photos, and Kim was found guilty of using a filter.her face became thinner“In last year’s Instagram video, followers noticed that the wall behind her was recessed and appeared to have changed shape, leaving traces of digital editing.

In June, Kim was also accused of adding a filter to a TV interview. Tonight Show After the viewer noticed that her face was blurry in some clips Instagram account Note the moment when the apparent filter fails.

However, Kim’s most recent Photoshop fake has been labeled “a new level of delusion.” TikTok users It seems that the stars were revealed by editing the trapezius muscles around the neck and shoulders.

Commercial photographer Caroline highlighted the “bizarre” movement in the now viral video, and reverse-photoshopped the area to show what the original photo would have looked like.

After the video went viral online, some women admitted that they were “strangely relieved” of the photo-editing revelations, acknowledging that they were beginning to become self-conscious about their “normal” body parts.

On TikTok, Caroline shared a close-up photo in Kim’s promotional post about her new line of wireless earbuds, the Beats Fit Pro.

In the photo, Yuna Kim is sipping a drink in the swimming pool with her body a little further away from the camera and posing.

“Kim K is famous for Photoshopping his traps,” Caroline said in the video. “Why? I don’t know, but maybe the neck looks small?”

She then paid attention to the water behind Kim’s right shoulder, suggesting that the image had been manipulated. “If you zoom in, you can see the water pattern behind the ear is warped,” she explained.

Caroline reversed the edit using Photoshop’s Liquify tool, and the water reflections in the background immediately started to look a lot more natural.

Kim also shared a video of the photo shoot that doesn’t appear to have changed in the same way, and Caroline added a screenshot to repeat the discrepancy in appearance.

Caroline’s reverse-photoshopped image looked incredibly accurate as it reflected Kim’s body shape in the video screen capture. Both photos are quite different from the ones Kim posted, but her shoulders and neck look much thinner.

Caroline’s followers were surprised by Kim’s behavior. Now that she has a daughter, I think she will think more about the impact.”

Another said: Another person wrote: “I would never have noticed, but once I did, it was painfully obvious.”

Another netizen claimed that the color of the earbuds Kim wore at the time of filming was different from the picture she uploaded and that “Kim changed it to preserve her skin tone.”

More than reddit, one user called Caroline’s revelations “disturbing as hell.” Another person added: “Oh my God, this is a new level of delusion.”

“They edit the stupidest things in their bodies…” said another. One more echoed. “This is officially one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Like…why…really, WHY.”

“Kim Jong-eun had a ✨human body✨ in 2010. Just weird and I mean. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having body parts! body parts!!! She edits and photoshops her normal body parts FFS. And why? For what? It just makes her look like her robot,” one user wrote.

Similar comments include: “I am not at all surprised by this. She just wants to make herself look slimmer at this point. She’s not as bad as she used to be, and she’s sad. ✨Normal ✨”

And others thanked the OP for sharing Caroline’s TikTok, highlighting the damage that could be done to celebrities who posted their edited images.

One wrote: Compared to this photo and all the other influencers, I was strangely dazed by how ‘short’ my neck looked. I don’t look for them, but they find their way to me anyway.”

Another agreed, “Thank you so much for watching this video.” “I really hate shoulders because of my muscles, but why 💀 like it’s so normal. Imagine being able to use the energy we waste on this superficial nonsense and use it for good.”

Another person said, “This shit is so harmful. I’m a grown woman and I know what Photoshop is. I know these social media images are all photos taken. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t admit it. When I look at my picture, I look at my body and think, ‘I’m too big’. And this is why.”

Another person summarized, “I don’t know why, but I feel strangely relieved.”

Earlier this month, people shared their outrage over her apparent obsession with perfection, accusing her of being “competitive with the world” when she “bragged” about her bone density on Instagram.

“Did you hear?!?!!!!!!!” She wrote along with a video of a doctor analyzing her body. “My bones [are] Stronger than 93-97% of people.”

“Why is she always so proud? She’s the most precarious person alive, because if my bone density is better than 100% of people, I’m literally not fucking zero 🙄” one person at the time commented.

The video came out months after Kim caused her “inducing” comments. weight loss Following her controversial Met Gala diet Registered Dietitian To denounce the stars of “terrible examples” and “permanent eating disorders.”

BuzzFeed News reached out to Kim’s agent for comment.

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