Julia Fox Talks About Being Neurodivergent

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Julia Fox Talks About Being Neurodivergent

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In addition to the iconic service, the unique appearance Instagram, Julia Fox Actually very active on TikTok.

And this week, actors answered A fan’s question, “Can you make a video that explores your career while venting your nerves?”

For those of you who don’t know, WebMD Neurodivergent or “neurodiversity” is defined as “the notion that certain developmental disorders are normal changes in the brain, and that people with these characteristics also have certain strengths”…Besides ADHD, neurodiversity is generally People who have: dyslexia, movement disorders and other learning disabilities.”

“It was very difficult,” said Julia. “It was very productive, so I reached the top of the world and I felt invincible.”

“Then I experience those deep, deep, deep stagnant-type moments where I feel like I can’t move,” Julia said.

“I never actually talked about it. ADHD is really tough. I have a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder. to reach,” she said.

“If you don’t smoke weed, you’re literally counting,” Julia said. “So weeds calm OCD, but don’t help with the productivity problems of ADHD.”

“Ugh, that’s too much!” she joked

Oh, I love Julia’s refreshing and open conversations on these topics. You can see her stories about parenting, postpartum depression, and more. here From her TikTok.

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