Jennifer Lawrence Calls Erika Jayne “Evil”

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Jennifer Lawrence Calls Erika Jayne "Evil"

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She recently appeared at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival in a new psychological drama. causewayAlso starring Brian Tyree HenryAtlanta).

in an interview with Diversity for her new movie, she asked about the city hall real housewivesShe quickly said, “Which one? Beverly Hills? It’s not a good season.”

ICYMI, J. Law is a big fan of reality television. You remember when she fanned out to meet Lisa Rinna. Real Housewives in Beverly Hills?

Twitter: @stephenlc

Jennifer took the super fandom seriously, pouring tea on “the biggest problem of the season”.

she had no problem calling robe Season 14. “The biggest problem this season? It was just boring.”

She had a hot reaction to the women on the show, dragging star Erika Jayne. “I think Erica… is evil.”

“She can even say she needs a publicist. ASAP!”

In context, Erica aroused a lot of negative interest in herself. robe After season 14, she is suspected of being a victim. embezzlement scandal It has to do with her estranged husband, Tom Girardi.

Erika said to her cast, “Why am I holding on to the guilt of a divorced man?” As they continued to press her, she said, “I don’t care about anyone but me!”

Her cast tried to mash the beef, especially Lisa Rinna, who tried to get her friend off the battlefield before Erica could say anything else offended.

Anyway, back to the video — Jennifer tells her colleague Brian housewives Fans participate in gossip. She called Lisa Rinna Real Housewives in New York There was no sympathy for Dorinda Medley when she didn’t tell Medley that the makeup had smeared on her face.

“Remembering when they were in Colombia, Dorinda [wearing] Joker makeup? And Carole Radziwill sent her her reply and left her alone.”

Brian didn’t want to get involved in this drama. “Don’t get me into this. I don’t want Dorinda or Erica to come to visit me. So, we’re good,” he said.

Finally, J. Law was on the verge of going deeper until he finally figured it out and changed the subject.

It’s too bad J. Law’s PR team is on it.

Erika Jayne hasn’t responded yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.

you can see the whole moment here.

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