Jason Momoa’s Head Tattoo Is Polynesian Pride

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Jason Momoa's Head Tattoo Is Polynesian Pride

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On a flight to Aotearoa (New Zealand), he took off his hat and peeked at us.

Well, Jason shared a second post about tattoos!

“It’s an honor to be a part of this,” he wrote in the caption. “Powerful Moment of My Life”

This is a very special moment because Jason got his tattoos in the traditional Polynesian way. It usually starts with the artist giving the design some freedom, based on conversations about character, family, and culture.

The artist then uses a handmade tool to dab the ink on the skin, which is far more painful than modern tattoo machines.

The tattooed person is usually surrounded by loved ones who provide support in the form of songs, comfort, and food.

Jason didn’t mention the hidden meaning behind the new tattoo, but did describe the tattoo on his arm representing a shark tooth as a tribute to his aumaqua. For Native Hawaiians, the aumaqua are ancestors who often return to other forms as animals to protect their descendants. The guardian deity of the Jasons is the shark.

So this new tattoo might be another way to honor his aumaqua, but the design looks to me like a spearhead of Native Hawaiians (although I’m no expert!). There are various forms of vanguard designs all over the island, but they are very common in Polynesian tattoos.

I am Samoan. So the vanguard of my tattoos was done in the typical Samoan way. To me, they represent protection. But for many other Polynesians, they represent warriors, able to support their families, provide courage in battle, and more.

Whatever it means, I’m sure it’s personal and powerful for Jason! I am very proud of the Polynesians who embark on this journey and endure the pain of traditional tattoos for their culture. Words, Jason!

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