How To Celebrate Litha In Australia

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It's litha, and that means the sun is at its highest point in the sky. Litha is neither christmas/yule or the new year, it just happens to land around that time and not because of it being a southern hemisphere thing.

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For litha, celebrate with foods that honor the fire and energy of the sun, and a tasty batch of midsummer mead.

How to celebrate litha in australia. Find out more about litha from wikipedia. Customs, traditions and folklore of litha. People who can use the fire element safely light a candle for the whole day, to celebrate litha, with rituals being performed at noon.

As for what the inspiration… Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate the summer solstice. I give my immediate family gifts, because it’s litha and i haven’t seen them in a year.

In addition, use fresh herbs, flowers and greenery for your home’s décor as well as wearing some in your hair. Ballpoint pen, coloured pencils and water based “textas”. Yule corresponds in many ways with the northern hemisphere christian christmas festival, and is associated with the alban arthan (scottish).

Due to fire restrictions in australia throughout summer, celebrations for this sabbat tend to be quite different from those those throughout the rest of the year. Litha is the name given to the wiccan sabbat, celebrated at the summer solstice. Originally posted on may 4, 2009 by jenwytch at the other side.

This is a time of ascendancy of the god, at his most powerful now, while the burgeoning goddess brings forth the bounty of the earth. This event goes by a few different names, such as the summer solstice, litha, and midsommar. Spend the day in the sun with your family.

Litha is a great time to take advantage of nature’s abundance—there’s stuff blooming everywhere—and brewing batch of homemade mead is an excellent way to do this!mead is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey, so what better way to celebrate the summer? Litha rites & rituals depending on your individual spiritual path, there are many different ways you can celebrate litha, but the focus is nearly always on celebrating the power of the sun. A year of pagan sabbat rituals.

So no, i don’t celebrate christmas. First, let’s look at a brief history of mead, which is. This is probably the best time to use the great aussie phrase of “yeh nah”.

This is the wiccan celebration of midsummer, or litha. Witches, it is time to gather and celebrate. At the end of your ritual place the holly leaf on top of the oak leaf.

Scroll down for more information on the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. The summer solstice arrives in the northern hemisphere on june 20, 2016, bringing with it the longest day in the year — which means lots of extra sunlight for festivities. You may be thinking is litha christmas or is it a new year celebration?

This is the longest day and shortest night of the year, marking the pinnacle of the sun’s power to fuel the growing season. I hope these links help you learn more about the different topics. The sun eventually recedes from the sky until yule time when the days turn longer.

The sun will shine more today than any other day of the year, and it's a day to get outdoors and celebrate. Litha falls in the dry stifling heat of summer in the southern part of our land, but in the north, litha falls in the hot, wet season, and represents fruitfulness. It takes place every year on june 21 in the northern hemisphere and december 21 in the southern hemisphere.

This is the season of the summer solstice, and for many families, the kids are on break from school, which means it’s a perfect time to celebrate the sabbat with’s the longest day of the year, many of us are playing outside and enjoying the warmer weather, and you might even be lucky. It's litha, the longest day of the year! August 1st also known as lughnasadh or lunasa.

The history behind this is… Ten great ways to celebrate litha. Litha, the summer solstice, falls around june 21 in the northern hemisphere, and around december 21 below the equator.

It's a time of celebrating the sun, and spending as much time as you can outdoors. Play outdoors, go for a hike, and enjoy all the delights the earth has to offer. This year i’ll be spending litha with my family in victoria while they celebrate christmas.

And if you are stuck for ideas on how to celebrate the summer solstice and litha, here are few suggestions: The day is considered to be sacred by many pagans around the world who celebrate the solstice among their other yearly holidays. It is a day to celebrate life and make wishes for the future.

At litha we celebrate the power of the oak king yet it is also the birthday of the holly king who will grow in power and eventually overcome the holly king. The sun is at its full strength and. Honor and celebrate the many ways you manifest the creativity in your life.

Alissa sanderson / getty images. The best celebration time in australia! Ultimately, i see litha as a time to celebrate the cycles of life and death of nature, of the sun and the earth.

Regardless of whether a woman physically gives birth, she becomes mother when she nurtures, sustains and protects life, human or other species, through her life's work and activism. See more ideas about litha, summer solstice, midsummer. In honour of the holly and oak king place holly and an oak leafs side by side on your altar.

7 ways to celebrate litha, the summer solstice — kajora lovely. Midwinter or yule (21st & 22nd june) yule falls at the midwinter solstice, when the nights are longer and the days shorter than at any other time of the year. When we look around us we see seed and fruit in abundance, many of which are just starting to ripen, while others are falling to the ground, with a promise of fertility in the coming months and seasons.

Correspondences, aesthetic, ritual ideas, spells, and more. Decorate your home with the colors, green, white, blue and yellow. Litha is a good day to gather, to celebrate the arrival of summer as well as the sun.

Litha falls around june 21 in the northern hemisphere, and around december 21 below the equator. Considering in this modern age we no longer have great feasts with villagers and farmers. In australia the sturt desert pea is a sacred flower of this time.

Midsummer is the time when we can celebrate the growing of crops, and take heart in knowing that the seeds we planted in the spring are now in full bloom. For more information on litha. In australia lammas is usually celebrated on the 1st or 2nd of february, this is one of the hottest times of the year here and is the perfect time for that trip to the beach, a bbq or just a great meal with friends.

A wreath can be made for your door with yellow feathers for prosperity and red feathers for sexuality. The oak has will be born at sunrise on the summer solstice after… here the young oak king fights the tired out holly king to rule from the litha until yule until… Time for another of my artworks, and with the arrival of samhain i thought this particular drawing was quite appropriate… “death” this sketch was done using my favourite artistic mediums:

Brew your own midsummer mead. The longest day of the year is here! Have a picnic with friends and family.

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