How Do Countries Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Apart from america, there are a number of religions and countries that celebrate something similiar to thanksgiving day in their own various forms during the harvest season. What countries celebrate thanksgiving around the world?

How Thanksgiving Is Celebrated Around the World Holidays

Here’s a few fun facts about how some other countries celebrate thanksgiving.

How do countries celebrate thanksgiving. But the united states isn't the only country in the world where people celebrate thanksgiving. Believe it or not, a holiday for showing gratitude is not uniquely american. There are a whopping 17 countries that celebrate their own version of thanksgiving.

Some of the countries that celebrate the thanksgiving holiday other than the us include germany, canada, grenada, and korea. But actually, there are variants of this day all around the world. The idea is to celebrate not just food, but the hard labor that goes into producing it.

Celebrate thanksgiving traditional customs may be different, but you can still find thanksgiving in cultures around the world november 20, 2018 // by kae lani The country of italy doesn't seem to have an official thanksgiving celebration, but people from other countries who live there probably celebrate it on the date of their home country. How thanksgiving is celebrated in vietnam:

Our lives are enriched when we embrace the importance of cultural diversity and foreign language study. Thanksgiving day is a holiday that is celebrated only in north america, as canada and the united states are the only two countries that celebrate a holiday by the name thanksgiving. The are the nine countries that celebrate thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is not solely an american holiday. On the fourth thursday of november every year, americans across the united states assemble to celebrate a state holiday that is marked by feasting, watching football, and parades. As big of a celebration as it is in the us and canada, that’s pretty much the only countries that celebrate it (with few exceptions like liberia or the norfolk islands).

Other countries around the world that celebrate a holiday similar to the celebration of thanksgiving in the united states and canada are china, brazil, malaysia. Every october 25, people on this west indian island celebrate their own thanksgiving day, which marks the anniversary of a joint caribbean and u.s. Brazil celebrates their thanksgiving holiday on the same day that americans do, on the last thursday in november.

Being one of the religious festivals, it is celebrated all over the world, but following is a list of top countries that are reported to celebrate thanksgiving the best and these countries know it very well how to celebrate thanksgiving day the best. Went on a trip to the states in november. Canada, united states, libya, the netherlands and norfolk.

Although thanksgiving is observed in varied ways in the different nations, the main reason for the holiday is to express gratitude. The indians were the ones who taught the settlers how to grow corn, so when their corn crops were successful, they got together to celebrate. Thanksgiving seems like a holiday that's as american as apple pie, or pumpkin pie for that matter.

For the french, the only idea of thanksgiving they have is from american movies or sitcoms, where they can see the traditional, and often dysfunctional and/or hilarious. The unconfirmed story of how brazil’s thanksgiving came to be, says that the country’s ambassador to the u.s. Similarly named festival holidays occur in germany and japan.

Here's how people celebrate thanksgiving in other countries. But thanksgiving wasn’t considered a holiday until 1863, when abraham lincoln proclaimed that thanksgiving day was to be held each year in november. The thanksgiving celebration is not only celebrated in the us, it also exists in other countries.

How 10 countries besides the u.s. Military invasion of grenada in 1983. Korea celebrates a day of thanks called chuseok in late september and early october.

Thanksgiving holidays are marked by festivities and family gatherings. How other countries celebrate thanksgiving as history tells it, the tradition of thanksgiving started in 1621, when plymouth colonists and wampanoag indians shared a harvest feast. Americans typically of thanksgiving as a quintessentially american holiday.

In asia, thanksgiving celebrations have little to do with the united states. Though the countries that celebrate thanksgiving do so in different ways, the common denominator is the overwhelming celebratory unity of family and friends. While you may have heard about canadian thanksgiving, there is a slew of other nations that have designated a day to give thanks.

Those that do celebrate or observe thanksgiving are: At thanksgiving time, people all around the world have much to celebrate. The decision to celebrate thanksgiving divides native americans.

The other thanksgiving americans are most likely to be familiar with is the canadian thanksgiving. The first thanksgiving was said to have been celebrated in 1621 when the indians and english settlers came together to celebrate the year’s harvest. Jacqueline keeler wrote a widely circulated editorial about why she, a member of the dineh nation and yankton dakota sioux, celebrates the holiday.for one, keeler views herself as “a very select group of survivors.”

The holiday is called dia de ação de graças, and apparently, many of its festivities were inspired by american traditions. Fundoo times (2011) indicates that thanking god for a bountiful harvest is not unknown in other parts of the world. Most of the countries in the world do not celebrate a holiday called thanksgiving.

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