House Of The Dragon Corlys Velaryon Is Important

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House Of The Dragon Corlys Velaryon Is Important

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Ismy, no one swore successfully The Game Of Thrones A franchise that brought a lot of disappointment with the original series finale (especially me).

dragon’s house It’s finally here, a hit, completely obsessed with the white-haired family drama and their dismal struggle for the Iron Throne.

**Warning: TV spoiler alert**

While the entire new series cast offers masterclasses in acting, I afraid Lord of the Waves, Master of Driftmark — Corlys “Sea Snake” Velaryon.

like in a book fire and bloodThe Velaryon bloodline is one of the wealthiest bloodlines in Westeros and holds extreme power over the seas just as Lord Corlys is the greatest sailor in the world.

And his position at Westeros makes him one of the king’s greatest threats. And here’s why.

First, I watched Lord Collis’ wife, Princess Rainis Targaryen, give up her successor just because she was a woman.

Then we saw Sir Corlys being ignored by a small committee after addressing concerns about the growing threat.

Then a small council completely shut him down when he once again asked the king to protect his sea route.

Next, he and Princess Rhaenys offered the king the hands of their teenage daughter before they got married to give their family a second chance to ascend the throne.

However, the king ignored his offer and instead chose to marry the daughter of his rival, Otto Hightower.

So, with no more to turn to, Sir Collis teamed up with his younger brother, the Prince Daemon, who was the king’s greatest nuisance.

Lord Corlys was played by actor Steve Toussaint. Why? He is a black man from his literary counterpart.

The Game Of Thrones gained great freedom. character’s age (for good reason, i.e., explicit sexual themes), and therefore the ethnicity of the actor should be given much less weight.

I believe Toussaint’s Lord Corlys is essential to changing the landscape of fantasy storytelling in general.monoculture“And there is a lack of diversity.

And some fans agree with me.

If you’re really having trouble with Corlys being black, harden yourself and stop watching HotD now. Because he is Corlys Valeryon, Lord of the Tides, Master of Ships, Head of House Velaryon and Master of Driftmark. Spoilers) are not going anywhere.

Twitter: @CallunaTea

You have a stratified family and dynamics with a drake-riding family and racial dynamics where Valyria’s “old pedigree” differs/excludes the “nouveau rich” of the merchant. This is great not only for world-building in space, but also from a historical allegory angle.

Twitter: @frankbumb

It’s a joke. If you’ve found a way to get mad at a black stormtrooper, you should’ve known how to whine about the casting of Corlys Velaryon. Black people cannot enjoy peace for a moment.

Disney / Via Twitter: @MaceAhWindu

Unfortunately there are trolls and Some bad fans who don’t agree.

The haters get very angry and WE-DO-NOT-CARE! dragon’s house It’s moving in the right direction, and so far Toussaint’s Lord Corlys hasn’t given me anything other than an Emmy-winning side eye and one-liner.

Toussaint applauded his enemies: New York Times interview. “It seems like there are people living in different worlds,” he said. “It’s really fortunate that I have friends who convince me of everything. I have white friends, East Asian friends, South Asian friends, and black friends. That is my world, and I want to appear in a program that reflects that world.”

Tu Xiang said men’s health“There are so many other people who have given me so much support for every toxic person who somehow got into my timeline.”

Steve is right. Sir Corlys Velaryon is a boss and deserves respect. We support him and we look forward to seeing how his journey unfolds. dragon’s house will be played.

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