Heidi Klum Revealed Her Worst Date Ever

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Heidi Klum Revealed Her Worst Date Ever

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Heidi Klum may be married now and having the best marriage possible, but before that, he was the only person we, like us, struggled to understand this thing called dating.

This means she’s had a bad date, but one of them stands out in particular.

while appearing in Jimmy Kimmel Live, With Nicole Byer filling the late-night talk show host, Heidi recalled a movie date that grew increasingly awkward over time.

“There was a weird date I went to the cinema,” she said, adding that it was already “strange” from the start because she had to keep reaching out because her date was holding popcorn. “I thought about it. [it] It was already weird. Why do I always have to reach out? Why are you out of reach?”

“And I’m reaching out and eating popcorn,” she continued. “Then all of a sudden there’s a hotdog in the popcorn. But it’s attached. It’s a hotdog still attached.”

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Ummm what?! I would have packed up and ended the date there…

Heidi didn’t share exactly how she reacted at the moment, but she emphasized that everything was “very strange” for her.

“It never happened again,” she added. “But it was memorable.”

“I can imagine it being memorable,” Nicole replied. “That’s what you say in therapy. It’s hard!”

of course. You can see Heidi talking about the situation. here Around 3:52 p.m.

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