Harry Styles Jokes About Spitting On Chris Pine

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Harry Styles Jokes About Spitting On Chris Pine

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It might have been a feverish dream, but Monday is seriously messy don’t worry darling The premiere of Press Day and the Venice Film Festival really happened.

The film was packed with drama for weeks, but it all came to mind as the cast reunited on the red carpet for a seriously awkward group photo before they climbed into the cinema for a screening.

Much of the film’s controversy stems from a rumored feud between director Olivia Wilde and lead actress Florence Pugh. 2020 video Olivia calls her heroine “Miss Flo” and says they need a “wake up call” leaking online in less than two weeks of meeting them.

Shortly after the video was leaked Confirm The premiere was the only one in Florence don’t worry darling The dedication of the press, and her apparent absence from the cast press conference she held a day earlier, was heightened when she galloped through Venice. Aperol Spritz in hand While her cast spoke to journalists.

The tension between Florence and Olivia was felt at the premiere. Florence enthusiastically greeted everyone on the red carpet except for the director, even her colleague Harry Styles, whom Olivia began dating while filming the film.

But with an unexpected twist, Monday’s drama went far beyond the supposed rift between the two women as people noticed Harry’s strange behavior at the premiere.

To many, it seems that he too was deliberately avoiding Olivia on the red carpet, refusing to stand next to her for a group photo at one point.

Bless the man in black to take Harry next to Olivia. They tried their best but the guy didn’t have it

Twitter: @immaspellmyname

Once things got weirder inside the theater, Florence and Harry’s co-star Chris Pine was put at the center of the night’s biggest scandal, despite avoiding much of the anger around him. don’t worry darling up to this point.

Emphasizing the tension behind the scenes, Olivia, Harry and Florence were separated from each other in the seating arrangement, and their co-stars acted as human buffers.

Gemma Chan sat between Florence and Harry, opposite Harry to Chris, who separated him from Olivia.

In the clip, which quickly went viral and has already been viewed over a million times, you can see Harry already seated as he makes his way to his seat as Chris, already seated, applauds him for his position.

Just before Harry sat down, Chris abruptly stopped and paused, looking down at his knees. Then he smiled at himself with a puzzled look and seemed to shake his head in disbelief.

Internet detectives were desperate to determine what triggered the reaction, and it wasn’t long before allegations were made that Harry spit in Chris’s knee as he sat down.

So what’s the verdict here? Did Harry spit on Chris Pine? What happened on the set bro 💀

Twitter: @SteveRogers1943

The slow-motion playback of the video seemed to confirm that Harry was actually spitting with his mouth just before Chris stopped clapping.

The actor’s gaze on his lap seemed to perfectly match where Harry’s saliva would have fallen on him, and it didn’t take long for social media to shine through as a reaction to the theory.

“Don’t worry, honey, the drama is getting more and more absurd. What do you mean by Harry Styles? [spins wheel] spit on [spins wheel] Chris Pine,” he tweeted.

Don’t worry baby, what do you mean the drama is getting more and more absurd Harry Styles [spins wheel] spit on [spins wheel] Chris Pine

Twitter: @spidermannwh

“My heart is obsessed with the fact that Harry Styles can spit on chris pine and I can’t stop rewinding the tape,” someone else wrote. The third tweet read, “I know what Harry Styles’ drama is, but I want to publicly tell him that he can spit on me.”

My mind is locked in a very realistic possibility that Harry Styles could spit on Chris Pine. Can’t stop rewinding the tape

Twitter: @ghostfacegay

“I decided to think Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine BC’s life. That makes life more interesting,” another joked.

Twitter: @criminalplaza

But on Tuesday, Chris’ rep strongly rejected The actor said he spit on a co-star, and issued a statement claiming that Harry and Chris had a good relationship, dropping the video with inappropriate body language from the two stars.

The statement said, “This is an outrageous story. It is a complete manipulation and is the result of a strange online fantasy that obviously deceives and allows foolish speculation.” “To be clear, Harry Styles did not spit on Chris Pine. There is only respect between the two of them, and it’s an outright attempt to create a drama that doesn’t exist,” he said.

A spokesperson for Harry declined to comment at the time, but on Wednesday night Harry acknowledged the drama during a live show at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

The pop star could not stand the pranks with the fans and did their best after several days of conversation.

Harry took a break from his US world tour to attend Monday’s film festival, acknowledging his absence in his first show since the premiere, saying: York.”

“I just went to Venice very quickly to spit on Chris Pine.” he added sarcastically.

Harry broke the silence about his spitting incident with Chris Pine! #LoveOnTourNYC (via esnydaylights)

Twitter: @TheHarryNews

Needless to say, the crowd went wild and it wasn’t long before a video of the moment went wild online when Harry was praised for his playful reaction.

Someone wrote this: The second person added, “It’s not about Harry talking about saliva drama and laughing.”

Twitter: @golbachrry

Another fan said, “Harry is laughing about the saliva issue as if he doesn’t have to work as a lawyer on twt to prove his innocence.” Another tweeted, “Harry came back to us after that shit show of the day and laughed about it. Yeah baby, come back to the family!! Cinema ppl doesn’t deserve you.”

Harry is laughing about the spitting issue as if we don’t have to work as an attorney on twt to prove he’s innocent.

Twitter: @illicitdriving

Of course, #spitgate wasn’t the only moment that became a hot topic between Harry and Chris. Don’t worry darling On Press Day, it went viral online with a clip of Chris staring into the air while Harry told reporters, “What I like most about this movie is that it feels like a movie.”

Twitter: @romansgerri

Meanwhile, Florence continued to fuel speculation that she had a bad experience on set with the movie when fans pointed out that she had posted six posts on the Instagram grid about the Venice Film Festival, but only mentioned it. don’t worry darling oncein hashtag format.

And despite all the hype and drama surrounding the film, it received lukewarm reviews from critics, and now has a rating of 44% on review aggregation websites. Rotten Tomatoes.

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