Florence Pugh Said She Was “Totally In Love” With Olivia Wilde In 2019

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Florence Pugh Said She Was “Totally In Love” With Olivia Wilde In 2019

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Earlier this month, speculation emerged that Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde broke up while working together. don’t worry darling It popped into my head when the entire cast reunited at the film’s seriously awkward Venice Film Festival premiere.

Inconvenient incidents appeared to everyone except confirming the swirling rumors. Florence is avoiding Olivia overnight after her pick. skip Today’s joint press conference.

But to truly understand the nuances of the stars’ behavior at the premiere, we have to go back to February 2021, when the first hint that everything wasn’t right between the two women was revealed.

It’s time to work. don’t worry darling And Florence, who played the main character Alice, shared various behind-the-scenes photos by paying tribute to the various staff members at the shooting site through a long caption on Instagram.

Fans quickly noticed that no film director Olivia was mentioned in the post at all, and since then, Florence seems reluctant to discuss the film in any way, and has rarely posted on her very active social media pages.

It was also mentioned that Florence completely ignored the posts Olivia made in honor of her work in the film.

But things didn’t really get messed up until last month when Florence and Olivia gave interviews that directly contradicted each other’s views. don’t worry darling.

speaking Harper’s Bazaar In August, Florence specifically commented on the explicit sex scenes included in the film, acknowledging that she didn’t like the overly sexual way the film was marketed. trailer.

However, Olivia had previously popularity Depicting female pleasure on screen was one of her priorities when making the film, and the sex scenes in the trailer were clitoral test Because it “shows you how you did it”.

speaking Diversity Shortly after Florence’s interview, Olivia countered the heroine’s position by bragging to publications that “there are no men in this film” and then claiming that the sex scenes were “integrated” into the storyline.

“Women’s pleasure, the best queer film you can see these days, is in queer films,” added Olivia. “Why do we feel more comfortable with female pleasure when there are two women in a movie? In the heterosexual scene in the film, the focus on men as the beneficiaries of pleasure is almost everywhere.”

Another tension in the feud involves Shia LaBeouf, originally cast opposite Florence in 2020. He suddenly left the project before filming began and was replaced by Harry Styles.

While working on the film together, Olivia and Harry developed a romantic relationship that made Florence “uncomfortable.” There are also claims that Florence was left behind. direct parts Because Olivia was too distracted by Harry.

In addition to this, Olivia reiterated that Florence decided to leave the Shiites in the film because she didn’t like working with them and had strict discipline.no idiot” Set the policy.

Last month she said Diversity Shiaga”combat power,” So she “protected” Florence and made her feel “safe” by letting him out of the project.

However, just days after the interview was published, Shia retaliated by giving Variety a series of receipts proving that she had chosen to leave. don’t worry darling Because I felt I didn’t have enough time to rehearse.

Evidence included a video message sent to him by Olivia, who called Florence “Miss Flo” and begged him to reconsider his decision to quit, saying she needed a “wake up call”.

in the clip, later leaked online, Olivia told Shia: You see, I think this could be a bit of a warning for Miss Flo. And I want to know if you can have this opportunity with me and with us.”

“If she’s really dedicated, if she really puts her heart and mind at this point and you can make peace – and I respect your point of view, I respect her – but if you can you What can you do? Think? Is there any hope? Can you tell me?” she added.

Florence did not publicly react to the leaked video, but her stylist referenced it on Instagram. post At the Venice Film Festival, which Florence loved.

You may be surprised to learn that the tension between the two women is only now real, but not always. When Florence was first cast in her film she called her Olivia her “idol” of her own.

In 2020, what’s new on social media in Florence. wrote: “@oliviawilde tagged me in the photo *gasp no.1* @oliviawilde cast me in the movie *gasp no.2* @oliviawilde is my idol and allowed me to be part of this fucking amazing cast I did. Shia?!? Kris?!? *Hey three times*”

and video re-emerged From November 2019, Florence reiterated how much she admired the director, talking about her work with fellow actress Vinnie Feldstein.

in variety actor on actor In the series, Florence and Beanie discussed their careers together, and Beanie had just starred in Olivia’s directorial debut. dumb smart.

Florence, unable to hide her feelings for Olivia at the time, said, “How was it working with Olivia Wilde? Because she absolutely loves her.”

And Beanie was sure the two women would get along well. “I think you and Olivia will be so attracted to each other because you and Olivia aren’t as intimidating as you are and her work is great on and off screen.”

Florence smiled in agreement. “All right.”

This exchange Tik’s tock behind the latest don’t worry darling A drama in which many people express their sympathy for Florence as if disappointed by someone she admired so much.

One said, “This is so sad for me :/”. Another said, “Don’t meet your hero.”

Someone else wrote, “You did a good job of not getting old 💀.” Other comments include: “Something serious would have happened if she was to go into total silence at THIS.”

Shortly after an awkward premiere earlier this month, Olivia sparked a backlash when she doubled the allegation that she had fired Shia.

interview with vanity fair It happened before Shia released her receipt, and the article reads: Wild called LaBeouf directly and said they fired him.

“I was responsible for her. I am like a mother wolf. It was tricky to make a phone call, but in a way I understood.” Olivia told the publication at the time. “I don’t think it was a process he enjoyed,” she said. He goes to work with an intensity that can be militant. What I was asking for in my work was not ethos. I hope he recovers and develops because I think it is a huge loss to the film industry for a talented person not to work,” she said.

When Shia contacted reporters after she appeared to publicly disprove Olivia’s narrative, Olivia claimed that the text screenshots he provided went out of context and did not mention the leaked video.

A source also claimed that Sia asked Olivia to choose between herself and Florence, and Vanity Fair reported that Olivia “made Sia believe what he wanted to believe” to defend her pride.

Meanwhile, don’t worry darling They had their second premiere in New York on Monday, and Florence wasn’t there, nor was her colleague Chris Pine.

Both cited other filming appointments for their absence, and Florence is currently working on them. Sand Dunes: Part 2 In Budapest, Chris is filming in Los Angeles.

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