Emily Ratajkowski’s TikToks Called Out Amid Brad Pitt Dating Reports

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Emily Ratajkowski's TikToks Called Out Amid Brad Pitt Dating Reports

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You should have a look whatsoever reasons for Emily Ratajkowski’s TikToks Called Out Amid Brad Pitt Dating Reports, under.

In recent months, Emily Ratajkowski has increasingly used her TikTok page to speak on feminist issues and regularly call celebrities about problematic behavior.

In a video posted to 1.8 million followers, Emily say Against Shia LaBeouf and Harvey Weinstein while defending Amber Heard. She also shared her anger. Law vs Wade being overthrown. More recently she told her think In ~ Adam Levine’s Cheating Scandal.

Emily continued her feminist discourse over the weekend, claiming in a new video that the #MeToo movement and “cancellation of culture” didn’t really have a big impact on the world.

Emily went on to argue that men are more afraid of being caught and don’t really understand the underlying reasons why they need to change the way they see and treat women.

“Me Too didn’t change the world. The cancellation culture didn’t change the world. Now all we have left are people who fear the consequences,” begins Emily. “As a parent, I can say that when I want to teach my children not to hit other kids, I don’t want them to hit other kids because they’re afraid of timeouts.”

“You don’t want them to hit other kids because they empathize and understand that it’s not good to hurt other kids, and you don’t want to hurt other kids,” she says. – One month old son, Sylvester.

“I think in the post-Me Too world, we have a lot of people who are afraid of being caught and afraid of the consequences of their actions,” says Emily. “They basically don’t really understand why they need to change their behavior. So it’s not progress,” she said.

Many of Emily’s followers agreed with her, but many were forced to question her position, pointing out that Emily did not agree with her. romantically connected To Brad Pitt in recent months.

One comment said, “You are literally a woman dating Brad Pitt. Another echoed. “But… you’re dating Brad Pitt, aren’t you? I am confused.”

Someone else wrote “Justice for Angelina”, referring to Brad’s ex-girlfriend. Another commented “Omg like brad pitt”.

Another said: “I agree with you, but it feels strange to hear you talk about this when I saw you recently with Brad Pitt.(”

The two stars first connected in August. people “We spend a lot of time together,” he said at the time. The source said that Brad and Emily formed a bond because of their mutual love for the arts and that “they always have a good time when they hang out.” [and] They keep in touch when they don’t see each other.”

According to ConfirmBrad has been attracted to since Emily spoke briefly at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar party, and she break up with husbandSebastian Bear-McClard, earlier this year.

“He asked her out and she said yes,” said an insider. “She always thought Brad was cute, but the way she saw it, what does she have to lose?”

Emily officially filed for divorce from Sebastian after four years of marriage, and divorced two months after the breakup due to Sebastian’s affair.

And Brad obviously helped Emily’s tragic situation. Here are the sources: people Earlier this month: “She thinks Brad is great. They dated a few times and she fell in love. She is very cute when talking about Brad. She thinks he is a gentleman. She was the perfect timing for her.”

However, Emily’s rumored romance with Brad is that Angelina Jolie series of charges Oppose him after breaking up.

Brad and Angelina first met in 2005 and shared six children, but in 2016 FBI report The details of the ‘child welfare case’ of the private plane in which the former couple was involved will be revealed earlier this month.

According to New York TimesAngelina accuses Brad of choking and beating her two children during the flight in a legal document against a French winery she once shared.

Angelina in a suit opinion Before Brad grabbed her head and shook it, he grabbed her by the shoulders and shook it again and pushed her against the bathroom wall. She continues to accuse Brad of pouring beer and red wine on herself and her children.

Legal documents include: To drop Jolie’s back, Pete threw himself back on the plane seat, injuring Jolie’s back and elbow.”

“The children ran and all bravely tried to protect each other. Before the game was over, Pete choked one of the children and slapped the other in the face. Some children begged Pete to stop. They were all terrified. . A lot of people were crying,” the document continues.

So it’s no surprise that Emily’s latest TikTok has rubbed viewers the wrong way. One user acknowledged that neither Brad nor Emily saw the growing reports, but Emily needed to clarify if there was any truth to it.

They wrote: “She has to tell Brad Pitt about this. If she’s dating him, she needs to sort it out 😳”

Emily received a call in a similar way when she visited the TikTok page in September. to criticize Netflix’s new Marilyn Monroe biography, blond hair.

She wrote a film directed by Andrew Dominic and starring Ana de Armas.Fetish Fetish Pain“Look at us obsessed with dead girls and serial killers. CSI episodes are crazy fetishes about women’s suffering and death.”

“I can say for myself as a woman. I’ve learned to fetish my own pain and wounds. So it feels like it can be kind of sexy. ‘Oh, I’m going to do anything with this damn girl’ and I think we do that in many different ways, but I want to change that.

Once again, her followers overwhelmingly agreed with the heart of Emily’s TikTok. blond hair Since its release last month, it has generated a huge backlash.

However, others have pointed out that Brad Pitt’s producer Plan B was behind the film, as she questioned how she could date someone whose personal beliefs and work conflicted so much.

“I agree. What does Brad Pitt think of your views?” At the time, one person commented, another asked: “Wait, can’t you see who made it? ….Plan b production ….Brad Pitt…???”

All in all, one Twitter user seems to have summarized the general reaction to Emily’s recent upload. “

Why did Emily Ratajkowski start a feminist discourse on TikTok without mentioning that she’s dating Brad Pitt…I love her…but…

Twitter: @dojasbella

BuzzFeed News asked Emily’s rep for comments.

Meanwhile, Brad has not publicly commented on the new allegations against him in legal proceedings, but he has previously revealed that his struggle with alcohol is what breaks his relationship with Angelina.

“I drank too much. It’s just a problem,” he told the British. GQ In 2017, he also referred to the Children’s Services Survey of himself.

Brad explained at the time.

Brad said he was continuing his promise to stop drinking after 18 months attending an anonymous group of alcoholics “really private and selective” that made him feel “safe”.

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