Emily Ratajkowski Criticizes Netflix’s Blonde

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Emily Ratajkowski Criticizes Netflix's Blonde

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Emily Ratajkowski weighs in on the controversy surrounding Netflix movies. blond hair She responded to comments calling her a “fake feminist.”

On the new TikTok, Emily said, “I’ve heard a lot about this Marilyn Monroe movie. blond hairI haven’t seen it yet, but it’s no surprise that it’s another film that fetishes women’s pain even after death.”

“We love fetishizing women’s suffering. Look at the way Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears and Diana’s obsession with death, their obsession with dead girls and serial killers. CSI It’s like this crazy fetish of women’s suffering and death.”

“I think I can say for sure that as a woman I’ve learned to fetish my own pain and the scars of life. You know, ‘I’m like, oh, what a fucking woman, whatever.’”

“But I was thinking about it, do you know what’s hard to fetish? Anger. Anger is hard to fetish. So I have a suggestion. I think we all need to get a little bit more mad. I’m going to be in my bitch era — 2022, baby, is my bitch era.

Emily then responded by lip-syncing Lana Del Rey’s “Ride” to the comment, “Her feminist take feels very fake because ‘Blurred Lines’ was terrible for feminism.” She especially said that she “I’m tired of feeling crazy.”

“Read my book and don’t tell women they’re fake feminists. It’s crazy,” she added in the caption, referring to her book of essays. my body.

You can read more about blond hair arguement here.

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