Elarica Johnson On Why She Left “P-Valley”

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Elarica Johnson On Why She Left "P-Valley"

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If the Pea Valley Returning for another season, there will be no Fall Lakeisha Hailey Savage.

Yes, after two seasons, Elarica Johnson has decided to step down from the show.

Viewers have already been curious about the fate of her character from the finale. Pea Valley In Season 2, Hailey escaped Chucalissa in the aftermath with Uncle Clifford over a failed casino plan. But now we have official confirmation that she won’t be back.

As for the reason, Elarica said it was entirely her “choice”, explaining that she simply felt Hailey’s story was going on.

“Actually, I knew when it would happen because it was my choice,” she said of Haley’s departure from the show. “It’s something I’ve been discussing. [show creator] Katori [Hall].”

He added, “Looking at the script this season, the characters’ journey, and Pink’s path, it seems that the journey of autumn is coming to an end.” “She did what she had to do and it was time for her to move forward.”

What that means for Andre and their babies (or babies if Whisper was right with her predictions) remains to be seen, but hopefully, we’ll find out if there’s a season 3!

You can read the full interview with Elarica. here.

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