Demi Lovato Discusses Alleged Rape By Someone “Also On Disney”

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Demi Lovato Discusses Alleged Rape By Someone “Also On Disney”

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Demi Lovato reflects on her ongoing healing process after she said she was raped as a teenager.

Using her/their pronouns, Demi became famous during her adolescence after appearing in several Disney Channel movies and TV shows.

Demi has been playing big roles in the hit series since the age of 15. when the bell rings and Sunny with a chanceHe has also appeared in several Disney Channel original films, including: camp rock and princess protection program.

However, as Demi has discussed throughout her career, her time at Disney was far from a positive experience some might have assumed. She said the actress herself struggled with her eating disorder and drug addiction. Demi, who she is now 30, said she herself was raped in the late 2000s too.

She didn’t reveal who the person was, but Demi said after raping her that it was someone else in the Disney world who “never appeared in any of the movies they starred in”.

“We were connecting, but we were like, ‘Hey, it’s not going any further. I’m a virgin and I don’t want to lose it this way.’ And it didn’t matter to them. They did it anyway. And I internalized it and told myself it was my fault because I still went to the room with him. I’m still connected to him,” Demi said.

“The Christian in me, the Southern girl, did not see it. [as rape] Because sex was not normalized in the South or when I was young,” he added. “And, you know, damn it. My #MeToo story is to tell someone that someone has done this to me and they have never been in trouble. They never took it out of the movie they appeared in.”

Now, during a guest appearance call her dad podcast This week, Demi once again reflected on the disastrous experience.

Talking to host Alex Cooper, Demi was asked questions about his healing process from such traumatic events.

“In your documentary dance with the devil, You have revealed that your innocence has been taken from you.” said Alex. “yes.” Demi answered. “You were raped.” said the host with whom Demi agreed.

“In a way, I think time can heal wounds,” the singer said. “Perhaps not all. As time went on, it got easier,” she said.

“But there is deep sadness within me that someone stole it from me at a young age,” he added.

Demi said it was more difficult to treat her back then because the person who raped her was also at Disney.

“It was difficult for this person to be around. Likewise they were at Disney,” she said. “So it was hard to see them around and it messed up my teenage years. And finally I went there and got help.”

“It’s something I’ve been working on, but there are times when other traumas have occurred that have pushed that trauma to the side a little, but there are times when I definitely cry and just feel sad,” they continued.

“And to be clear, it’s just like nobody else in the Disney Circle. I started asking people questions like, ‘Was it this person or that person?’ And it’s like ‘No one can guess, but they were friends with someone on set and they [all] time,’ he added.

When Demi first learned that she had an eating disorder at the age of 12 after being bullied by classmates who called her “fat”, Demi revealed that her management wanted her to “look slim.”

“There was someone in the picture. When they came into the picture, everything in my life was in control,” she told Alex.

“It became control over my food. It is very dangerous for someone recovering from an eating disorder. It actually made my eating disorder worse. “I became bulimic again,” he said.

“I didn’t ask for room service because they told me not to leave the phone in the hotel room,” Demi said, adding that there was no food in the hotel room and that the team had actually put the furniture outside. She closes her door to prevent her from potentially accessing anything.

“There was no food like snacks or mini bar in the hotel room. They didn’t want me to snack,” she said. “They make furniture. [hotel] Moon, so I couldn’t sneak out and eat even if I wanted to. When it comes to my food, it was that level of control.”

However, after recovering for several years in rehab, Demi has made it clear that she has “found” her voice and no one will ever treat them like that again.

“Now I have found my voice. No one can do that to me again,” he said.

You can listen to the full song by Demi Lovato. call her dad The podcast episode is here.

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