Courtney Stodden Calls Out Bethenny Frankel

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Courtney Stodden Calls Out Bethenny Frankel

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To recap: Last month a reality TV star called for “Kardashian Intermission.” illustration her Just B with Bethenny Frankel A podcast criticizing the standards set by a famous family for young women.

Earlier this week, Bethenny shared several photos of herself. Instagram I have spoken out against the practice of editing photos for social media.

A few days ago Bethenny TMZKardashians’ approach to social media is said to be “irresponsible” and reckless.”

in series of Instagram postCourtney responded to Bethenny’s statement by sharing her experience while appearing on Bethenny’s short-lived weekly talk show in 2013.

“I felt so ridiculed,” Courtney said when Bethenny appeared on the show at the age of 19. “I canceled all other interviews in NYC and immediately returned to LA and squinted,” she recalled.

“She didn’t try to help me and the audience made me laugh. It hurt me deeply.”

Courtney said the treatment she received from Bethenny contributed to “anxiety” and “depression,” and the experience “added to my own eating disorder.”

Courtney described the experience as “not forgotten..”

“Is this person sympathetic to abused children?” they asked “Or who really cares about women’s mental health? And what about support for women?”

After Courtney’s initial post, Bethenny apparently reached out to respond to her allegations, and Courtney shared her response. in a separate post.

Bethenny told Courtney that she didn’t show any clips in the interview that “supported” Courtney’s life decisions. “Perhaps unfortunately the way we express ourselves is part of our branding and marketing,” she wrote. “You were definitely marketing yourself in a different way than you are now, and that seems to be working for you.”

“I wish you good luck in your endeavors. I’m sorry if there was anything I said, offended or offended you. Perhaps our conversation has contributed to a positive path to getting you started.”

“I think of young women as mothers a lot. And I believe you have changed your course and direction. It’s inspiring.”

Yes, not exactly. exorbitant Apologizing, Courtney announced her displeasure in IG captions.

“She’s hunting women from side to side,” they said. “That conversation helped fuel a public flame on my personal life and promote the internet. No @bethennyfrankel doesn’t deserve credit for my healing process!”

Let’s take another look at Bethenny’s decision to respond.

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