Cher Responds To Dua Lipa Comparison

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Cher Responds To Dua Lipa Comparison

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Cher has recently been compared to other major pop stars and has had some interesting reactions.

Earlier this week, a fan sent a now-deleted tweet calling Dua Lipa “the share of our generation”, which bewildered the iconic musician.

Cher decided she had to send a response when she got winds of being compared to Dua on social media.

In a cunning reply, Cher simply wrote, “How old is a generation?”

@cher/via Twitter: @cher

To answer her question, 25 years In a generation — but that’s probably not the point she was talking about.

And while Cher and Dua should be individually recognized for their achievements, it is clear that Cher has inspired Dua over the years.

Just like when Dua’s 2021 Grammy look was compared to Cher’s butterfly outfit at the same event in 1974.

Or when Dua showed off a look very similar to Cher’s stunning 1974 Met Gala outfit.

You can compare, but in the end there can be only one Cher and one Dua. Both left their mark on popular culture.

Dua has not yet responded to Cher’s comments.

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