Chelsea Clinton Has Removed Kanye West’s Music

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Chelsea Clinton Has Removed Kanye West's Music

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As you may know, Chelsea Clinton recently announced her new guts A series she runs with her mother, Hillary Clinton.

at Apple TV+It is an eight-part documentary series that follows the two of them “to honor the courageous women who inspire them.”

So, this week in the interview Entertainment Weekly I came from where my eldest daughter talked about the music that moved her.

Acknowledging that she is a major hip-hop head, Chelsea said“I listen to Jay-Z a lot. I listen to a lot of old school Beyonce. Really, maybe this is what I’m dating, but I really like things from the mid 90’s to the late 2000’s.”

She was also a huge fan of Kanye West, but decided not to support Kanye West’s music anymore because of her treatment of ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

“I had to let Kanye go, because that’s impossible,” Chelsea said. “The way he treats Kardashian and the way he talks about women is unconscionable to me.” “It was some of my favorite running music. And I removed it from my music library.”

Kim and Kanye, of course, have been going through a divorce since February 2021, and it has only gotten more complicated over time. Kanye had a particularly difficult time starting a relationship. Multiple public attacks To his then-new boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Now he has lost a fan at Chelsea for that act. Click Next to read more of what she has to say on the subject. here.

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