Celebs Not Getting Recognized

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It made me think about other times when celebrities weren’t recognized by lesser-known people. Here are 14 more of these cases.


When Jennifer Lopez returned to her old stomping ground and even her childhood home, the occupants didn’t know who she was.

Jennifer Lopez visited her home as a child and told her uncle Guyana that she now lives there. She lived there… Her big uncle went back and asked her, “Who are you?” 😂😂

via JJ Shorts/youtube.com


When Jay-Z took the subway to see a show in Brooklyn and sat next to a woman he had never heard of:


When Drake came to the party, “Who invited you to this party?” “Me?” he replied.

โคตรซิกคอม😅 ให้บอกหนังที่Jennifer Lawrence แสดงมา5เรื่อง แต่คุณพี่ผู้หญิงบอกว่าถ้าเป็นJennifer Aniston ฉันตอบได้แน่ แล้วก็พากันพูดเรื่องJennifer Aniston ตบท้ายด้วยการบอกว่ากู Jennifer Lawrence 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555

via ABC/youtube.com


When Selena Gomez met the fan’s dad, he didn’t know her name.


And it is not recognized by this crew immediately after:


When Dua Lipa asked this man, “Do you know who Dua Lipa is?” Kimmel skit:


When a security guard didn’t recognize Usain Bolt at a Jamaica Champions event and closed the door:


And finally, the most shocking thing is the dancers who flew away without Beyonce knowing their name!!!

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