Celebrity Guess Who Game

You will see a celebrity face that's been distorted guess who by typing their name ; 1062 people are playing right now.

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Celebrity guess is a picture guessing game that will test your knowledge of celebs.


Celebrity guess who game. There are tons of fun celebrities to guess in this addictive trivia app for the ios. If you get stuck, no problem, we can help you out! The app shows you a picture of a celebrity covered in blue boxes.

App cheaters has all of the celebrity guess answers, cheats, and solutions in our walkthrough guide of the game. Keep up with the latest daily. Have fun predicting the famous celeb, talented musician, iconic athlete and sports icon.

Reveal the image and guess who the famous celeb is. Player can use any words to describe the celebrity but cannot say the celebrity's name in any form. 5 out of 5 stars (179) 179 reviews $ 2.90.

How well do you really know celebrity's ages? We have 15 famous secret mystery guests in this quiz game you're going to love! The really popular question board game with all the funny looking characters has arrived.

Igossip.com's celebrity guessing game where you guess the name of the celebrity once given a funny and distorted image of them. You can use those free reveals to choose which portion of. Scratch smart, and guess smart!

Guess the celebrity by one of the lyrics of their song. Answers to levels 61 through 90 of the celebrity guess app. For each level, you will be awarded a certain number of free reveals.

Found out with our guess the celebrity name game! No penalty for wrong guesses, don't worry about exact spelling 22 start date 11/4/2020 2:06 pm pt

In this photo guessing game, you’ll guess the celebrity from the pic the game gives you and win! Guess who is a fun two player character guessing game, that you can play online and for free on silvergames.com. Celebrity guess who, a free online miscellaneous game brought to you by armor games.

Celebrity guess, created by derek williams, is a puzzle trivia game where you show parts of an image and try to guess which celebrity lies beneath. Impress your family & friends when you show them how to lead fun games such as who am i? Guess the celebrity logo quiz answers, cheats, solution for android and game by taps arena.

Can you guess your favorite celebrities after seeing just a short description of who they are and what they've done? Challenge yourself to guess the names of famous characters from tv or movies. Guess the celebrity voice football managers edition!

Guessing the celebrities quiz games). Your goal is to guess the celebrities' name and spell it out using the scrambled letters. 852801313 games played 16312 today.

Add to library 19 discussion 39. Learn celebrity trivia and earn points for naming the celebrities based on how fast and clever you are. Found out with our guess the celebrity game!

Celebrities & fame music celebrities. Guess the celebrity from photos and show off your pop culture knowledge with celebrity guess! Editable celebrity baby name game, celebrity baby name game, guess the celebrity baby shower, guess the celebrity baby, floral baby shower momentprintables.

⚡ new quiz ⚡ tv theme songs quiz 2000s: Can you guess the hidden celebrities from 3 hints and a blurry photo? You have to tap the boxes to reveal the photo one square at a time.

Can you pick the guess this celebrity? You need to guess just the name of the artist. Guess the celebrity is the coolest game of its kind!

Become a member of playmeo’s exclusive online activity database and you’ll unlock these and 420+ fun group games in less than 2 minutes. How fast can you guess them? Can you guess your favorite celebrities after seeing just a small portion of their face?

In this free multiplayer online game you have to choose a character and ask all kinds of questions to guess your opponent’s character before he or she guesses yours. Cool new puzzle trivia word game with awesome images of the most popular tv icons and movie stars. There are actors, actresses, singers, musicians, tv personalities, sports stars and more.

Looking for answers to the celebrity guess game. The games are challenging due to the many different types of celebrities from the past and present. How many pop stars can you name just from a glimpse at their eyes?

See how many you can recognize! Thank you for becoming a member. How many can you guess!

Player #**1 draws a celebrity from the container and has one minute to try to get their team members to guess who the celebrity is by giving clues according to the following round one rule: Uncover celebrity photos and name that celebrity, movie star or musician! Our new feature includes cheryl cole and riri, but can you figure out who is who.

Each 30 seconds the face becomes clearer; The famous figures include celebrities such as actors, musicians, and athletes so that is the first clue to solving all the puzzles with ease. Each game features text describing a famous person.

Bet you can't get 15/20 on this quiz! In this quiz you first have to guess the song then guess who sang it so its hard. How well do you know your celebrities?

The celebrity guessing game is made up of 15 levels and 150 games. Guess the person ( female celebs ) june 25, 2016 blank. Player can also give other clues about the celebrity.

And celebrity heads activities like an expert. Scratch the cards, and try to guess them. Share this article buzzfeed daily.

Levels 61 to 90 20 comments by miranda kirk.

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