Celebrity Best Dressed September 5-11

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Celebrity Best Dressed September 5-11

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You know what time it is. It’s time to see some of the best-dressed celebrities of the past week.

Why do I deserve this idiot with a hoodie, avocado pajama shorts, and a keyboard, even in the late afternoon? Almost nothing! Mmm ha ha ha! Let’s get started!


First, the biggest fashion moment of the week: Florence Pugh of Valentino at the Venice Film Festival. A special greeting for quirky shoes.

Yes, it was this week. It feels like an eternity already.


In addition, don’t worry darling The red carpet was Gucci’s Harry Styles. A little point on the shoulder, the fit of the suit, the Giant Collar. It works!

Now would be a good time to mention that we’re defining “this week” as “Monday-Sunday” (as most people do). So, “Why isn’t XYZ on this list!” It is possible that they were what they looked like last week. Or I personally hate it. You’ll never know!


Next up is Rachel Brosnahan from Atelier Versace. dead for dollars First day. crystal is to look Swarovski.

Look, sometimes the gown evokes an instinctive reaction within me. I wish I could show you how much I gasped on my television when I saw this, but since I’m communicating with you in writing, this should suffice.


Next up is Vanessa Kirby of Valentino Haute Couture. I’m sure there is some kind of lofty comparison between roses and royalty. Crown 6 years ago. Don’t tell me what I’m talking about isn’t a topic!

The overall look of the coat and shade does it for me. This looks like a scene from a movie.


Jodie Turner-Smith is, without a doubt, consistently best dressed in Venice this year. This Christopher John Rogers corset and skirt is reminiscent of summer-inspired ice lollies. And I love summer!

All you need is a few pockets and a home run (look at me trying to use sports terminology). I definitely preferred her Christopher John Rogers dress. bardo Premiere, but it’s hard to be perfect, right?


Before we leave the Venice section, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate this Valentino look Flo wore. My God, that’s cool.

I’d like to find a fake version of this too badly (if Valentino isn’t willing to hit me, then do).


Moving on to the Toronto International Film Festival, Vivienne Westwood’s Gabrielle Union attended her film premiere. test.

Not the outermost Vivienne Westwood look we’ve ever seen, but hell, she looks great.


Another TIFF look: Jennifer Lawrence causeway Premiere at Dior Haute Couture.

When I see J-Law again, does it shake a little with excitement? maybe! Sue!


I’m iterating over Taylor Swift and Sadie Sink’s TIFF look together. It’s mainly because Sadie didn’t take a solo red carpet photo, but also because they complement each other.

It’s not immediately known whose appearance it is, but it will one day take an auburn-head-auburn-suit moment.


Lily Allen conveyed the spirit of fall at Fendi’s New York Fashion Week show.

Perhaps the slightly startled look under her sunglasses is because NYC was still pretty warm this week.


Finally, if I had coins every time Kardashian wore skin-tight, shiny, sheer clothes, I would have… many coins. But here with Fendi’s Kim Kardashian.

No wonder Amazon continues to offer me flashy items. Today was a dazzling kitchen roll holder, but it felt a little meaningless in that most kitchen roll holders are not visible when the kitchen roll is on. What were we talking about?

We have it, folks! Let’s argue in the comments!

That was a whole dialogue about Celebrity Best Dressed September 5-11 that you could study at length as well as in complete. With any luck , this article will help dedicated DailyBuzzer.net visitors to be able to far better understand and know completely.

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