Celebrating Black History Month In The Workplace Uk

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W e strive for diversity and inclusivity across all of our teams and departments. In today’s show, i talk about:

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October is black history month in england.

Celebrating black history month in the workplace uk. Thus, celebrating black history month in the workplace is an excellent way to achieve that goal. We welcome your comments about this blog in the comments below. In 1976, the celebration was extended from a week, to a month.

It is also a month to highlight current issues black people are still facing. It is a month to celebrate black history and recognise all the achievements. Black history is british history with the black curriculum.

Woodson pioneered this movement with a celebratory week in february 1926 encompassing the birth of both abraham lincoln and frederick douglass. To celebrate black history month we take a look at its origins and what employers can do to support it. Celebrating black history month is one part of us doing that.

So in this episode, i’ll share with you the tips, tricks, techniques, and barriers that i’ve jumped over to make black history month possible in the workplace. This highlighted the amazing technological contributions made by black female innovators, and it was open to everyone to attend, not just vodafone employees. Reflects on all the contributions black americans have made throughout the country’s history.

Many businesses and organizations around the u.s. Please note that we are unable to discuss individual cases through the comments section and would request that all such queries be directed to our. History, workplace diversity, the guardian.

February is black history month (bhm)—a time when the u.s. Every february, americans across the country celebrate black history month. Firstly, our young black women in tech event.

That black identities are valued and. October has kicked off black history month, a time to celebrate black history and communities in the workplace across all industries. At fujitsu, we know that

Out of the many events we hosted, two in particular resonated with me. It is no secret that 2020. So to celebrate black history month, and to encourage more diversity and better representation across the industry, we’ve spoken to three fantastic women within our commercial development team to share their wisdom and tips.

Bhm has been celebrated in the u.s. While most are continually celebrating black history month all year long, it reminds us to keep honoring it in the present and in all areas of our lives, including at work. Two schools of thought about celebrating black history month and my thoughts about them.

What is the theme of black history month 2020? Every october, black history month is a celebration of all black life, including black lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. Black history month was created to improve the public’s study of african american history.

The black curriculum is a social enterprise that seeks to embed black history in the uk education system, beyond black history month. This october, organisations across the united kingdom are celebrating black history month. Why your workplace should be celebrating black history month.

In years gone by, october has been the only time of year when the uk talks about the achievements of black people in britain. Black history month was first marked in the uk in october 1987. Patience is one of our business data analysts, and.

However, bhm is a way of reflecting and taking note of the achievements and contributions to the social, political, economic and cultural development of the uk by those of african and caribbean descent. Storytellers bring the experiences of our african and caribbean londoners to life so that people from all backgrounds can celebrate the vital part these communities have played. For all of us at stonewall, black history month is an opportunity to highlight the work and contributions of black lgbt people, which are too often forgotten and erased.

The uk started celebrating black history month in october 1987. In the uk october marks black history month, which is an important time to me as it honours role models whose contributions to society are often marginalised. View february as a chance to celebrate diversity

Some argue against celebrating black history month because the contribution of african and caribbean people should be part of our wider history. How did black history month uk start? I am proud to announce the launch of the stephen lawrence day foundation for black history month 2020.

From lunch and learn events to film screenings to leaders of colour being celebrated within their organisation, workplaces involving themselves with this commemorative month sends out a clear message: [01:02] what black history month in the uk means. This october, we are honouring black history month by hosting webinars, sharing inspirational stories, and partnering with our lgbt+ employee network to host a shared event.

Through celebrating black history month, we want to foster a workplace culture where we celebrate our people and continuously evolve. When black history month was first celebrated in the uk, my son, stephen, was 13 and dreaming of… read more 42 comments It can break down barriers among communities to acknowledge and celebrate difference, and help people learn more about past and present black figures who have made incredible.

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