Celebrating Black History Month In The Workplace

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It is a month to celebrate black history and recognise all the achievements. During black history month, we celebrated african american culture and used it as an opportunity to learn about the everyday workplace challenges experienced by many people of color.

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Learn the history of black history month.


Celebrating black history month in the workplace. Here are statistics about inclusion you might find useful: Many businesses and organizations around the u.s. Say, “happy black history month.” seriously, it’s a great way to start.

Beyond black history month, commit to supporting the work of black writers on a daily basis. It’s also an opportunity for coworkers to become more unified in the workplace by celebrating the accomplishments of these great people. Send an email to your team celebrating black history month.

October is black history month in england. Or keep it simple and share that interesting podcast or playlist. Between trips to museums, movie screenings, and book clubs, there are plenty of ways to engage with black culture and media this black history month.

Black history month originally began as negro history week in 1926. In a diverse work environment, it is never known what people of color can face if one is not in the same position. It is no secret that 2020.

A cknowledging that black history month is a social issue important enough to celebrate will re shape the workplace culture into one that celebrates multiculturalism and diversity. Ideas for participating in black history month in the workplace. For a number of reasons, people seem to find black history month tricky.

In the u.k., black history month was first celebrated in october 1987. Bhm has been celebrated in the u.s. Teams with inclusive cultures outperform their.

Every february, americans across the country celebrate black history month. Emma street is an hr manager for a fortune 500 company with over a decade of hr, management. Black history month was created to improve the public’s study of african american history.

Celebrated every february, black history month is meant to recognize the achievements and struggles of african americans in the past and present. Honoring black history month helps companies show that they value cultural diversity at their organization. It is also a month to highlight current issues black people are still facing.

It took place during the second week of february to coincide with the birthdays of abraham lincoln and frederick douglass. Woodson pioneered this movement with a celebratory week in february 1926 encompassing the birth of both abraham lincoln and frederick douglass. Black history existed long before this, but it wasn’t amplified or showcased.

Equal participation and progression across ethnicities could be worth an additional £24 billion to the economy per year. In 1976, the celebration was extended from a week, to a month. 90 years of celebrating bhm;

Even if you don’t have any african americans that work for you, with you, or in your company. <p>a great way to ensure this is to set inclusiveness goals and hold managers accountable for diversity. Black history month is a great opportunity to begin the process of confronting racism in the workplace.

What is the theme of black history month 2020? It also gives you a way. The history of black history month.

February is black history month (bhm)—a time when the u.s. The uk started celebrating black history month in october 1987. Check out local institutions and stay in touch with the latest happenings so you can build an experience around it.

History, workplace diversity, the guardian. Each year, this month presents the opportunity for offices and workplaces to participate in both the education and appreciation of this month. Black history month, also known as african american history month, is celebrated in february.

While most are continually celebrating black history month all year long, it reminds us to keep honoring it in the present and in all areas of our lives, including at work. The history channel makes this easy in this short video. Black history month is celebrated across the united states, canada, united kingdom, germany and netherlands, and from school systems to television networks, many.

View february as a chance to celebrate diversity Indeed, black history month is an opportunity to celebrate the great people who have helped grow a great nation. October is black history month, a time when we celebrate the contributions of black people in the uk and on the world stage.

“these kinds of events are critically important to our cultural awareness of the value that everyone brings to a workplace,” says wes pratt , chief diversity officer at missouri state university. Had a blessed time mentoring youth at local @dcs_stanton yesterday. February is black history month, and all over the world, people are honoring it and sharing black history facts and topics.it is also commonplace in many workplaces to also participate and celebrate black history month and the contributions african americans have made to the world.

Reflects on all the contributions black americans have made throughout the country’s history. Celebrating this month can even construct an organisational narrative around ethnicity and racism that represents this cause as something that your organisation. Thus, celebrating black history month in the workplace is an excellent way to achieve that goal.

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