Camila Mendes Best Behind-The-Scenes Moments

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Camila Mendes Best Behind-The-Scenes Moments

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therefore, take revenge Trust me when I say it dropped on Netflix last week and is one of the best teen movies of the year… probably all the time.

No surprise here, but Camila is absolutely phenomenal. She is perfect for this role. She makes you want to see the movie again (spoiler alert: you will 100% watch it).

So, to celebrate Camila’s greatness in this film, let’s take a brief trip down the nostalgic road to remember all of her other great behind-the-scenes moments.


When she and Maya Hawke took the lie detector test, she said she had actually seen it. weird things However, she didn’t finish season 4, and after 10 minutes she became completely spoiled.


when she imitates it perfectly “It smells like beef” meme and frankly it was pretty symbolic.


When she let her imagination run wild while applying this bloody face mask:


When Camila and Lili Reinhart channeled their inner Lizzie McGuires and released the groundbreaking classic “What Dreams Are Made Of”:


When she hit this leaf and gave the best Kyle Mooney impression:


When she got cunning and used the prop pancakes as a beauty blender:


When she danced all over the set to hang out with Lili when she was bored:

Watch the full video here.


It was truly the purest moment when she was genuinely excited to see a celebrity that fans thought she looked like.


When the CW told her she didn’t “gloss” enough during the first riverdale She auditioned and joked that she could come back more polished than ever and potentially start a new makeup trend.


When she perfected her penis latte art skills during the plague and shared her gift with the world:

See all photos here.


When we found out that Camila likes the word “dad,” Lili called her in a low stature.


When she finally set the record straight and said she doesn’t run the Camila Cabello-Shawn Mendes fan account:


Frankly, that was the mood when she moved to the cover of “Union of the Snake.”


And finally, when she was brutally honest about the fellow actors she would sacrifice during the zombie apocalypse:

So what are your favorite Camila moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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