Britney Spears’s Mom Lynne Responds To Her Now-Deleted Conservatorship Video

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Britney Spears's Mom Lynne Responds To Her Now-Deleted Conservatorship Video

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Britney Spears’ mother, Lynne Spears, has responded to a recent series of claims by the pop star about her infamous guardianship.

Britney’s life and finances were tightly controlled by her father, Jamie Spears, and a group of lawyers, under strict legal measures that took effect from 2008 to November 2021.

The singer testified publicly that she was forced to receive an IUD to prevent having more children under guardianship and was not allowed to get married. She also said she had no support from her family during this time and wants Jamie to be punished and jailed for his “abuse”.

Ever since her guardianship ended in court after a fierce battle, Britney has been increasingly vocal about her incredibly tense relationship with her parents and sister Jamie Lynn Spears, often sharing and swiftly deleting Instagram and Twitter posts.

But on Sunday, the pop star took the situation to the next level, shocking 22 minute video On her YouTube page, she detailed some of her struggles over the past 13 years.

And in a video that was deleted shortly after posting, Britney shares details about what she went through under guardianship, sparking interest in her mother, Lynn, in particular, who claims to have “made it all happen.”

“The woman introduced the idea. [of the conservatorship] Britney said in the video: “there [were] There were no drugs, no alcohol, nothing in my system. It was pure abuse.”

“When I first started, the most memorable thing was my father’s control. He liked to control everything I did. I remember the first day he said ‘I’m Britney Spears and I’ll shoot’. Then I said, ‘Okay,’” she recalls.

“When my mom gave him the idea of ​​a guardianship and his friend, I think he really likes to regroup it and he did a great job with it, really, really precise. And it was really too much.” . “All I remember is that I have to do what I have been told. … they made me feel like nothing. And I did it because I was afraid and scared.”

Britney then said she had been imprisoned in a mental health facility against the will she had previously voiced. In fact, last month she claimed to have received her “non-response” from her mother after expressing her fears that her doctors were “trying to kill” her.

Now, further elaborating on what actually happened during this period, Britney claims in a video that she was hastily “kicked out” during tour rehearsal after she “said ‘no’ to the dance.

“I went to a rehearsal and I said ‘no’ to the dance, and I was like, ‘No, can we do it? I want to do this,’ she recalls. “Then everything got really weird and quiet and I remember all the directors and producers going into the back room and talking. And that was all. And I’m like well, I don’t know what’s going on.”

“The next day I said [had] I had to send him to a facility, and I told him on Instagram that my father was ill and needed treatment. [not true]I didn’t want to go there,” she says.

“I remember my dad calling me and crying. And I said, ‘Why are you doing this? like what?’ And I remember what he said. ‘It is— you should listen to the doctor. The doctor will tell you what to do, I can’t help you now,’ she continues.

“And his last words were, ‘You don’t have to go now. But if you don’t go we will go to court, we will have a big trial and you will lose. There are far more people by my side than you. I don’t even have a lawyer,’” Britney recalls.

“So I did it, I went to the place, and I was terrified in my mind,” she says. “And no one ever understood what they were doing to me again. And again, I didn’t want to share this because it’s incredibly aggressive, sad and insulting. To be honest, would anyone believe me?”

“I was a fucking machine. Not even human. It was crazy how hard I worked. And when I said no and said no at rehearsal, they got mad,” she says of her family.

Britney added that although she felt completely “helpless” at the facility, her family was resting in a million dollar condo in Destin, Florida.

“When I was there, the most important thing was that my heart was frozen and I felt trapped in it. I wanted to scream and I wanted to get out,” she says. “I felt like an old man feeling helpless.”

“I sit down and draw about six blood draws a week,” she says. “Weak like an angel. And my family is at our beach house in Destin. It does not make sense.”

A reminder to some of you who may have confused what I said… it was 6 small blood bottles, not 6 gallons!!!

Twitter: @britneyspears

“I was too weak and my family is on my beach,” she said. “I share this because I want people to know that I am just a human. I think I’ve been hurt after this experience, but if you don’t tell me, how can I fix it?”

As Jamie goes on, ” [her] go” When the #FreeBritney campaign became so popular, Britney explained to her mom that she was “angry” for not intervening sooner to end the guardianship system.

“What really confuses me is that these people are fighting for me on the street, but my sister and my mother do nothing. It was as if I was a mess, secretly secretly liking to be the bad guy…otherwise why didn’t they say ‘Baby, get in the car, let’s go?’ at the door,” she asks. .

“I couldn’t handle how my family had been together for so long and their answer was, ‘We didn’t know.’ I said, ‘I’m calling now. Here you are. Please,” she added, adding that the family seems to have ‘thrown’ her.

Britney continued, “I’m honestly more upset with my mom because I heard reporters at the time calling her and asking what was going on. She went naively and naively hid in the house, and she did not speak. I’m always like, ‘I don’t know what to say. I just don’t want to say anything wrong. We are praying for her.’”

“I think she was able to get a lawyer in literally two seconds. A friend of mine eventually helped me get one. But whenever I contacted the company, my phone was intercepted and they took my phone,” Britney says in the video.

Shortly after Britney’s now-deleted video went viral online, her mom Lynne countered the allegations with a message shared on her Instagram page.

Lynne, whose comments were disabled while sharing a photo of herself and Britney on the platform, wrote that she “did her best” to help the singer “out of trouble” throughout her life.

“Britney, throughout your life I have done my best to support your dreams and wishes! Also, I did my best to get you out of trouble!” she started

“I never turned my back on you and never will! Countless calls I’ve made and your refusal to call me makes me despair!” She went on before claiming that she “tried everything.”

“I tried everything. I love you so much but this story is just for you and me.

Britney hasn’t responded to Lynne’s message yet, but if she does, she’ll let you know.

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