Britney Spears’s Ex Kevin Federline Faces Backlash Over New Interview

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Britney Spears’s Ex Kevin Federline Faces Backlash Over New Interview

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Kevin Federline continues to speak openly about his relationship with ex-wife Britney Spears and two sons, 16-year-old Preston and 15-year-old Jayden.

For a bit of background, Kevin was granted sole custody of the boys in 2008 after Britney became strict custodians controlling her life and finances by her father, Jamie Spears, and a group of lawyers.

However, after a turbulent three-year marriage ended the year before they became guardians, Kevin and Britney agreed that she would visit twice a week and stay overnight.

Meanwhile, Britney continued to provide her ex-husband $20,000 a month for child support while paying for the children’s school, insurance and clothing expenses. In 2018, Kevin requested an increase in this payment, which angry online fans.

Britney’s guardianship, which she publicly described in court as “abusive”, didn’t end until November 2021. Amid a heated legal battle to end her settlement, she told her judge that the singer thinks her own father should be in jail for his treatment. She also claimed that her “whole family” refused to help her when she “provided large amounts of blood every week” and had to receive her IUD against her will.

Just last month, Kevin sparked a huge backlash after publicly discussing Britney’s complicated relationship with Preston and Jayden and controversial conservatism. daily mail.

The DJ claimed the teenagers were “happy” with Britney but decided not to see her and consequently “decided” not to attend her wedding with longtime partner Sam Asghari in June. “Her men have decided not to see her now,” he said. “It has been several months since they saw her. “She decided not to go to her wedding,” he said.

Kevin went on to argue that Britney was at least dissatisfied with the frequent posting of censored nude photos.

“I try to explain. [Preston and Jayden], ‘Look, maybe that’s another way she’s trying to express herself,’ Kevin said. “But that doesn’t take away the fact of what you do to them. It’s tough… I can’t imagine what a teenager would feel like going to high school.”

Moreover, Kevin appears to have dismissed Britney’s past remarks about her “abusive” guardian, believing that the legal settlement “saved” her.

“I saw this man. [Jamie Spears] “I’m really worried, I really care about my family and I hope everything goes well.” “When Jamie took over, everything went smoothly. He saved her life.”

Kevin’s remarks quickly met with fierce criticism online as fans questioned why he spoke publicly about his relationship with Britney’s guardian, father, and her sons.

In fact, Britney and her husband Sam Announced statement They openly blame Kevin for themselves. “It’s sad to hear that her ex-husband has decided to discuss my relationship with my children,” she wrote in her own Instagram message. “As we all know, raising a teenage boy is not easy for anyone.”

He continued, “I’m worried because the reason is based on my Instagram.” “Long before Instagram came out. I gave them everything. Just one word: HURTFUL.”

Shortly after, Britney shared another lengthy post discussing her relationship with boys in more detail, claiming that Preston and Jayden “hadred” when she visited her.

“I know teenagers are hard to deal with at that age… but come on, there’s rudeness and hate,” she wrote before claiming. And lock the door.”

But in response, Kevin sparked more controversy when he hastily shared a series of videos of Britney arguing with her sons. “I can’t sit still and be criticized in this way after what my sons have gone through. I decided to upload this video as my heart aches.”

The video, believed to have been filmed without Britney’s knowledge, was removed from the platform shortly after it was posted. The singer’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, quickly proposal Kevin may have broken the law by publicly sharing a video he didn’t know Britney had been shot. bilateral agreement status.

But despite all this, Kevin has now decided to speak again about his relationship with Preston and Jaden, who is now Britney’s guardian, in his next interview with the Australian News Show. 60 minutes.

“I still feel sorry for her,” Kevin said. Clip preview Posted on Wednesday. Referring to her marriage to her Brittany, he later added: “It was amazing…

As the video continued, Kevin “wanted to set the record straight for the boys’ decisions,” said the DJ. I had to worry about them. I couldn’t get involved.”

“They actually [seen] She added.” The video described the whole situation as “a family feud.”

The full interview is scheduled to air on Sunday, but fans have criticized Kevin for raising public attention once more about Kevin and Britney’s private affairs since the preview was released.

“’Still pitiful for her’ and why are you doing this? If kfed knows what the point is, she knows very well that she didn’t want all this to be revealed to the public,” said one person. wrote.

Other echo“Private matters should always be kept private.”

Others have questioned why Kevin chose to talk about their tense relationship only now, accusing him of “exploiting” Britney’s “trauma for money.”

One Twitter user said: “The family ‘discord’ wouldn’t have happened if my unemployed ex hadn’t talked about her and financed her trauma.” wrote.

Britney, currently not active on Instagram, has yet to publicly acknowledge Kevin’s upcoming interview. But if she does, we will update you.

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